Former traffic police inspector arrested upon case on lucrative impulse murder of Muscovite

Former traffic police inspector arrested upon case on lucrative impulse murder of Muscovite

Infamous ex-traffic police officer Nikolay Khovansky is suspected of participation in a gang of ‘black realtors’.

Former inspector of the capital traffic police Nikolay Khovansky is sent to a pre-trial detention center on the case on murder of Muscovite Elena Bondarenko for the purpose of taking possession of her apartment. As MK reminds, Khovansky has become famous in the past because of a loud accident at Gagarin Square, with the participation of Mercedes S500 of vice-president of the Lukoil company Anatoly Barkov. As a result of the road accident doctors Olga Aleksandrina and Vera Sidelnikova who were in the second car died.

Khovansky who was registering the accident declared literally in the day of the road accident that the women were responsible, for what he deserved an extremely unflattering criticism from the public.

This time Khovansky is suspected of participation in swindle with apartments. As the newspaper writes, former police officer-patrolman of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in Yuzhnoye Butovo Igor Kuplinov and his colleague from MIA across Nagatino-Sadovniki Aleksander Kolpakov are also arrested in the case of Elena Bondarenko's murder. They were the ones who gave testimonies against Khovansky, saying that he helped them to take away housing from unsuccessful Muscovites.

In particular, the same thing happened with an old acquaintance of Kuplinov - Alexander Bondarenko. The last owed to his friend a large sum, therefore, he repaid the debt by selling the apartment and moving with his mother, Elena Bondarenko, to a smaller living space. However, a new debt soon appeared, and Kuplinov helped Bondarenko to sell the apartment issued to the mother through a figurehead, after what Elena Bondarenko was missing.

In his turn, Khovansky's lawyer Sergey Shkodin said that not Kuplinov, but Bondarenko himself addressed his client with the complaint about black realtors.



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