Former GRU colonel Kvachkov suggests flogging Glatskikh

Former GRU colonel Kvachkov suggests flogging Glatskikh
Vladimir Kvachkov

The former military man who served time for the insurgency preparation stated that the Russian state had been “privatized by parasites.”

After being released from a penal colony in Mordovia, former GRU colonel Vladimir Kvachkov met with journalists and criticized Yekaterinburg ex-official Olga Glatskikh, who became famous for saying that “the state does not owe you anything” and “nobody asked [your parents] to give birth.” The colonel suggest to flog the former head of the youth policy department and “kick [her] out,” reports.

“Flog her, and that's it. Whip ten times and kick out. With a normal political system, with democracy, this fool would not have survived a day there (on her position - Ed.),” Kvachkov said.

In addition, according to the colonel, the Russian state was “privatized by parasites,” who now “use the state organism.”

It is to be recalled that Kvachkov spent 1.5 years in prison for preparing an armed insurgency. In the 2000s, the colonel was twice acquitted in the case of the attempted assassination of the former head of RAO EES Rossii, Anatoly Chubais.



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