Former FSB officer tried for swindling in Volgograd

Former FSB officer tried for swindling in Volgograd

Former officer of the Federal Security Service Directorate in the Volgograd region Andrey Chumanov has stood trial before the Volgograd Garrison Court for several counts of fraud, committed by him in 2006-2007.

According to investigation, Chumanov had twice received large amounts of money (13.8 million rubles and 18 million rubles) from restaurateur Aleksey Torubarov for assisting in the purchase of municipal buildings in the center of Volgograd. However, bonding all of his stock and taking loans to collect these amounts, the restaurateur was never able to buy the building. As Kommersant reports, the FSB officer has not returned the money to Torubarov.

In December 2007, Chumanov was dismissed from the FSB for negative reasons. A criminal case under Art. 337 of the Russian Criminal Code (Failure to appear for service on the due date without valid reasons) has been initiated against him. Later he was also charged with swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code). In January 2008, the Military Investigation Department of the UPC Russia for the Volgograd Garrison began investigating this case.

Chumanov had been detained in prison for some time, but was then released. By the time of the trial in October 2012, his common-law wife said that Andrey Chumanov had gone missing. Then it turned out that he has spent several years hiding in Chechnya; during this time, he managed to become a defendant in several scandals, related to corporate raids on SVL Shopping Center in Volgograd and the building of the Moscow company Yugra Ltd. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Chumanov has been involved in an attempted raider attack on Galereya Vodoley Shopping Center. 

In October 2016, security forces detained the former FSB officer and convoyed him to Volgograd.



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