Former FSB officer and military prepared assassination attempt on ICR investigator

Former FSB officer and military prepared assassination attempt on ICR investigator

Operatives detain suspects in the preparation of the contract killing of the investigator, who is working with VOOP's funds theft.

The FSB officers managed to prevent the ordered murder of the investigator. As sources in law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, the secret services found out that some people are going to remove the investigator of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation in Moscow, who is investigating the case of embezzlement in the FSUE Departmental Protection of Industrial Facilities of the Russian Federation (VOOP).

On suspicion of Attempted Encroachment on the Life of a Person Administering Justice or Engaged in a Preliminary Investigation (Articles 30 and 295 of the Criminal Code), VOOP executive director Andrey Polshchikov and his acquaintance with US citizenship Oleg Grishchenko were detained.

In addition, Polshchikov is accused of Swindling (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Illegal Possession of Weapons (Article 222 of the Criminal Code).

However, other persons were also suspected in the case of corruption in the VOOP that provided security for objects in various industries: the former Commander of the FSB special division Vimpel, Major-General Vladimir Podolsky, and ex-adviser to the Minister of Industry and Trade Sergey Gorbunov. According to the investigation, it was Gorbunov, who developed the scheme of the FSUE funds theft. For that he promoted his friends to work there - Podolsky for the post of general director and Polshchikov for the post of the executive director. Next, relatives and close friends of the management or even dead souls, who allegedly earned large sums, were hired to various positions, For example, certain Vladimir Bely 'earned' there 3.3 million rubles ($56.600), although, he is out of the loop. In fact, the money was simply distributed among criminals. 25.4 million rubles ($436.000) were also paid to the wife and son of Polshchikov; they did not appear at work.

During the operational support of the investigation, which is conducted for about a year, the FSB officers noticed that Polshchikov began to actively meet with Grishchenko, who was living in Thailand at that time. He specifically arrived in Moscow to prepare several murders. The first victim was to be an investigator engaged in this corruption case, the next one - a witness, who testified against them. Moreover, the attempt was to occur in the coming days. Subsequently, in the course of the searches, there were found copies of the interrogations protocols of persons exposing him in the crimes committed, personal data of both the investigators and the FSB operatives, who took part in the investigation.

It should be noted that Andrey Polshchikov was once the Deputy Commander of the military unit №77933, took part in military operations in the North Caucasus, was wounded, awarded two orders and nine medals. And Colonel Sergey Gorbunov served as the Deputy Head of the FSB Economic Security Service Department P (engaged in counterintelligence support of industrial enterprises).

The case against Gorbunov and Podolsky has already been submitted to the Moscow Garrison Military Court. The investigation into Polshchikov and Grishchenko is still going on. Both are now in custody.



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