Former FCS Head gets seized valuables and money back

Former FCS Head gets seized valuables and money back
Andrey Belyaninov

Putin considers unacceptable the media's false story about investigative activities against an official, who had to resign after the searches. This has sabotaged reputation of Andrey Belyaninov, who was a witness in the case. Soon, an important new post will be offered to the affected officer.

According to Kommersant citing its own sources, former Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov has got his money and valuables worth about 100 million rubles back. They had previously been seized from the FCS head during a search in July.

In addition, as the news agency notes, Putin said that "there is no case against Belyaninov," making it clear that he has no problem with Belyaninov.

July 26, as part of a criminal investigation under part 3 of Art. 200.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (Illegal Handling of Alcoholic Products on a large scale across the customs border), the ICR conducted searches at Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov and his deputies. It was reported that the raid was urgent and was carried out without a court order, which was granted to the investigators the following day. After the searches, the Investigative Committee reported that items and documents that might be useful in the investigation had been seized from Belyaninov.

Information about the searches then appeared in media sources, with illustrations as well. According to Kommersant, the spread of false stories occurred through the fault of the FSB, since Belyaninov had a witness status. Soon after Belyaninov resigned.

The source reports that the valuables seized has been returned to Andrey Belyaninov. Moreover, the former Head of the Federal Customs Service has already been offered several high positions, one of which he soon may take.

Let us recall that, according to investigation, the July searches were conducted in the case of large shipments of contraband alcohol, which had been organized by St. Petersburg billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko. It was one of his business partners who testified against customs officers as part of plea bargain.⁠



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