Former deputy Voronenkov’s assailant named

Former deputy Voronenkov’s assailant named
The killer that shot ex-deputy Voronenkov

Various documents have been found on him; their authenticity is being established.

A number of Ukrainian media outlets have announced the name of the killer that shot ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov yesterday. According to sources, 28-year-old Pavel Parshov was the shooter. He had been wanted by the Dnipro police on suspicion of fictitious entrepreneurship and money laundering. This did not prevent him from serving in the National Guard of Ukraine, however. Moreover, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that the killer had been recruited by Russian special services in 2014. In addition to the Ukrainian passport, the assassin had a certificate of a combatant. Allegedly, he fought in the Donbass, but the authenticity of all the documents found is to be established.



Region: Police Department of the Dnipro National Police Main Directorate, Dnepropetrovsk Region

Type: Person hiding from Prosecution

Date of disappearance: 25.11.2011

Place of disappearance: Zhovtnevy, Dnepropetrovsk Region

Last name: Parshov

First name: Pavel

CCTV footage showed that the attacker had been following Voronenkov’s car on a Daewoo Lanos and started shooting once the victim pulled over and went out with his bodyguard. We should remind that previous reports claimed that Voronenkov had been shot while leaving Premier Palace Hotel. Ex-deputy’s bodyguard, already injured, opened fire and gravely wounded the killer, who died in the hospital. There are still conflicting reports on the bodyguard of the former parliamentarian. Life reported that he had a Russian passport in the name of Oleg Petrov. Meanwhile, Yuri Lutsenko, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, said that the bodyguard was with the Ukrainian special services.



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