Former accountant of Seventh Studio released from under house arrest

Former accountant of Seventh Studio released from under house arrest
Nina Maslyaeva

The remaining defendants in the case were released on recognizance not to leave in April.

Former accountant of the Seventh Studio Nina Maslyaeva was released on a written undertaking not to leave. The defendant remained the last person involved in the case of embezzlement of budget funds who was under house arrest. The rest were released in April. 

“She has already started working for Mark Rozovsky’s theater “At the Nikitsky Gate,” TASS quotes Maslayeva’s attorney Yuri Efimenkov as saying.

Earlier, Moscow’s Meshchansky Court extended the term of Maslyayeva’s house arrest until July 19 and returned the criminal case to the Prosecutor’s Office, since “the investigation failed to specify Maslyayeva’s role in embezzlement.” Then the case file was sent for further investigation to the Investigation Committee. 

Maslyaeva is the only one of the defendants in the case of the Seventh Studio who pleaded guilty. The charges against the other defendants were built mainly on the testimony of the former accountant. According to her, Serebrennikov himself, producers Yury Itin and Alexey Malobrodsky, director of RAMT Sofia Apfelbaum, were involved in the embezzlement of money allocated by the Ministry of Culture to Kirill Serebrennikov’s creative project of Platforma.



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