Forewarned is forearmed: Shaltay-Boltay member and parents

Forewarned is forearmed: Shaltay-Boltay member and parents
Alexander Glazastikov

Relatives of Alexander Glazastikov did not know anything about his criminal activity.⁠

The father of one of the members of hacker group Shaltay-Boltay Oleg Glazastikov learned about criminal behavior of his son Alexander from the media. In late January 2017 when Rosbalt reported about the arrest of hackers for the first time, Alexander called his parents and said: "The roof leaked, do not be surprised at anything, read on the Internet what is going on".

"We take an unbiased look at the situation, so we do not clutch at our heads. He called us and said that he would deal with it himself and we should not meddle in his affairs. We saw the news immediately on the Internet, but his last name was not mentioned there. Nevertheless, given the style of the interview I instantly understood that it was him, he is a smart man" – father of hacker Oleg Glazastikov gave comments to Life.

The parents claim they did not know what their son was engaged in as they do not live together for about 20 years.

Glazastikov is the only remaining free member of Shaltay-Boltay or Anonymous International. At the moment he is in Estonia and is asking the country for political asylum. The hacker enthusiastically gives interviews and comments to the press always reminding of his key role in the group.

Another alleged members of Shaltay-Boltay are less fortunate - its founder Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), Alexander Filinov (Mad Hatter) and Konstantin Teplyakov (March Hare) are Lefortovo pretrial detention center. They were charged under part 3 of Art. 272 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Access to Computer Information protected by law that caused a major damage and was committed by a group of persons by previous concert or by an organised group, or by a person through his/her official position). According to investigators, the group members obtained dirt on public figures, demanded a ransom from them, and in case of refusal they sold the data for Bitcoins via Ukraine or published them in the public domain. Now the suspects are in custody for a period determined by court – until April 7.

Besides, there are assumptions that due to the testimony of Lewis senior executive of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov and FSB ISC officers Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev were arrested. They are accused of high treason. According to unofficial information, the hackers operated under the FSB supervision.



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