Forensic scientist from ‘drunk’ boy case has two-storeyed country house in Ministry of Internal Affairs cooperative 

Forensic scientist from ‘drunk’ boy case has two-storeyed country house in Ministry of Internal Affairs cooperative
Mikhail Kleymenov's house

Today it became known that the examination, the results of which were signed by Mikhail Kleymenov, was carried out with numerous violations.

Mikhail Kleymenov, who has gained scandalous fame after a publication of the results of examination signed by him with a high dose of alcohol in the blood of the six-year-old boy who died in a road accident in Balashikha, appeared to be an owner of a country house in Secret Government Installation Temnikovo.

As Mash public reports, this country cooperative is registered to the same address, as Moscow University of Ministry of Internal Affairs Balashikha (according to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, both institutions are registered in Balashikha on 21, Estafyeva Street). According to Mash, the forensic scientist possesses an impressive two-storeyed house in the housing estate.    


Housing estate Temnikovo


At the end of the last week, it became known that Mikhail Kleymenov took a vacation and went abroad. However, as father of the died boy Roman Shimko reported to the CrimeRussia, this information is false as Kleymenov was seen later at his country house.

Roman Shimko’s lawyer Valery Zubov considers that it means that the independent expert acts together with law enforcement agencies and his expert opinions improve their indicators. According to Valery Zubov, “technologies are put on a stream”.

It should be noted that the conclusion on the appearance of 2.7 per miles of alcohol in the blood of died Alyosha Shimko – far not the first doubtful examination of Mikhail Kleymenov. In 2015 thanks to his expert opinion, a 60-year-old teacher from Zheleznodorozhny received a year of imprisonment conditionally for Use of Violence to the Authority. According to the file of the criminal case initiated against her under Article 318 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the teacher beat a district police officer, police major directly in his office. The injuries which she got in the police station Mikhail Kleymenov recognized as received the day before the incident.


Mikhail Kleymenov

In results of the expertise which he carried out in the case of death of businessman Maxim Mushtruyev who, according to testimonies of his father, was killed in office of police, Mikhail Kleymenov wrote that the victim fell from height of his own growth, hit his nape and as a result of brain edema soon died.

Mikhail Kleymenov also carried out an examination in a criminal case over the road accident in Zheleznodorozhny as a result of which a child was also hit. Fortunately, the nine-year-old girl, who was hit on red light of a traffic light at a crosswalk, survived. However Kleymenov in his examination did not consider closed craniocerebral trauma, broken teeth, bruises and grazes as harmful for health, therefore the case was dismissed.

To recall, according to some information, the General Administration on Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration M of the Federal Security Service of Russia are checking information on receiving a bribe by investigator of MU Ministry of Internal Affairs Balashikha Dmitry Arinushkin and forensic scientist Mikhail Kleymenov from the culprit of the road accident Olga Alisova and her lawyer Natalia Kurakina for falsification of results of the examination. The official statement with information on it was on June 16 sent to law enforcement agencies by the human rights activist, founder of Vladimir Osechkin.

Today according to the lawyer from Pavel Astakhov’s board, which protects interests of parents of the died child, it became known that the first expertise upon Alyosha Shimko's death in the road accident was carried out with numerous violations.



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