Forensic scientist claiming that boy hit in Balashikha was drunk run away abroad

Forensic scientist claiming that boy hit in Balashikha was drunk run away abroad
Manager of Railway office of regional bureau of forensic medical examination Mikhail Kleymenov

Father of the dead child Roman Shimko told about Mikhail Kleymenov's escape.

The father of the boy, who died in the road accident in Moscow told that forensic scientist Mikhail Kleymenov, who carried out the necropsy and claimed that blood of the child contained 2.7 per milles, has left Russia.

Roman Shimko added that he will continue to insist on exhumation, however, he noted that the investigators are purposely buying time to declare later that repeated examination is impossible.

Besides, the father of the boy believes that forensic scientists deliberately make pedestrians be found guilty. “They either add an alcohol droplet to blood, or it is possible to make an injection in a liver, and that was made such concentration of blood in the first examination”, the man declared.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, Mikhail Kleymenov was also noticed in other resonant cases. For example, in the 2012th he issued a conclusion that an elderly woman in a skirmish with police officers traumatized herself prior to the incident. Teacher Vera Velichko from Balashikha had a dispute with the district police officer of her area Sergey Kupriyanov concerning the guest workers doing a repair in her apartment detained by police. According to her, she was rudely pushed out from the police station. As a result her hand was injured. Doctors diagnosed a severe bruise. However, when it reached the Investigative Committee, a case was initiated against her under Article Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power (Art. 318 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Kleymenov was the one who played an important role in such turn. He was carrying out a medicolegal survey of both the injured woman and the police officer. As a result, he has come to conclusions that Kupriyanov during the conversation with Velichko got a head bruise, and she had injured her hand long before the incident.

In 2015 court found Vera Velichko guilty of the attack on the police officer and sentenced her to a year of imprisonment conditionally. Now she tries to prove her innocence and to make responsible not only the police officers but also forensic scientist Kleymenov.

In other case, Kleymenov's examination has shown that a son of an employee of the Federal Security Service detained by police officers died of falling from his own height. As Maxim Mushtruyev told, when he was alive, police officers threatened him with a charge of swindle. He was brought to the station and beaten several times, demanding to confess in some swindle.



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