For motor rally on Gelandwagen cars of graduates of FSB's Academy university staff will be fired 

For motor rally on Gelandwagen cars of graduates of FSB's Academy university staff will be fired

The Federal Security Service Academy’s executives will be chastened after the scandal with graduates' motor rally on 30 off roaders. Graduates will face up consequences too.

As a result of the official investigation of the Federal Security Service Academy graduates’ rally, the agency found guilty among the staff of the university.

As the Federal Security Service reportedstrict disciplinary measures will be applied to the administrative board of the Academy.In particular, a number of executiveswill be demoted, and some of them fired.

With respect to graduates "fundamental personal decisions are taken to change real service conditions", said the FSB. In addition, the agency has called graduates' indignation and condemnation “reasonable”.

It should be recalled that resonant video, depicted graduates of the FSB Academy's rally on 28 black Gelandewagen, was posted on the Internet at the beginning of July 2016. The rally itself took place on 21 June. Bloggers claimed that young people violated highway regulations: they literally leant out of windows, were waving their arms, shouting and honking for no reason. Internet users believed that it could produce a crash situation on the road.

It also appeared that the cars were taking for a rent for 3 hours to drive across Moscow. Meanwhile, 1,5 thousands rubles from each person costs to rent Gelandewagen for 1 hour.

Retired mayor general of FSB Aleksander Mikhaylov accused the future officers of the power structures in betrayal of the Motherland. He believes that the academy’s graduates should not have posted photos and videos of the race in the Internet. Especially the group photo, where all the students with their last names could be seen.

There were other critical remarks about the graduates. For example, the Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov urged not to allow graduates to serve. “Only morons can brace up and drive like that”, summarized Kabanov.


Video: Graduates' rally on Gelandewagen cars



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