“For communication and high emotions”. Perm deputy’s wife offers lionet for rent 

“For communication and high emotions”. Perm deputy’s wife offers lionet for rent
Vladimir Plotnikov and his wife Photo: URA.ru

The wife of Vladimir Plotnikov posted an ad on Instagram.

Plotnikov, who is notorious for his ties in the criminal world, decided to make money in a rather dubious way. The woman posted an ad on Instagram for renting a live lion cub “for a couple of hours.” She assures that Tiffany (lionet’s name) loves to be photographed very much.

“If someone needs a photo session with this wonder or just wants to take it for a couple of hours for communication and high emotions - DM,” says the deputy’s wife in her Instagram.

The Main Directorate of the Internal Affairs Ministry for the region has not yet commented on this information. Portal Ura.ru asked for a comment on whether it is possible to conduct a check on the fact of cruel treatment of animals. The editors also sent a letter to the owner of the exotic animal.

To recap, since December 2018 Russia has toughened laws concerning wild animals housing. In particular, it is forbidden to keep them in private houses, housing estates, garden plots. The maximum penalty for the death or injury of an animal as a result of ill-treatment increased from one to three years in prison.

As for Vladimir Plotnikov himself, he is considered one of the wealthiest politicians in the region. Moreover, the deputy does not conceal the fact that he had contacts with the thief in law Nikolay Zykov (Yakutenok). According to him, he mixed with a bad company while working at a service station. The deputy is considered to be the “shadow mayor” of Perm, his position has strengthened during the governor’s term of Viktor Basargin.



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