Footballer Mamayev to lodge a complaint against driver who instigated fight and struck first

Footballer Mamayev to lodge a complaint against driver who instigated fight and struck first
Vitaly Solovchuk

According to the witnesses, the driver was making complaints in a rude manner and shouting insults. It was Vitaly Solovchuk who struck first, hitting Pavel Mamayev in the face.

The witnesses of the fight between TV host Olga Ushakova’s driver Vitaly Solovchuk and footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev say that it was not the athletes but the victim who provoked the conflict. According to Rosbalt referring to an anonymous source who witnessed the fight, it all started with a misunderstanding. Allegedly, a girl from the footballers’ company got into Solovchuk’s car thinking it was a taxi cab. The man kicked her out in a rude manner. Then Solovchuk got out of the car and began to voice his grievances in connection with the incident.

“He just got out and started shouting insults at the folks, using very offensive words. Alexander and Pavel grew up in simple families. That is, people in, for example, Mamayev’s hometown Podolsk are usually held accountable for such insults. Alexander and Pavel approached the driver and demanded him to explain himself.

In response, the driver threatened them, making it clear that he was confident in his impunity, and reiterated insults. It was Vitaly Solovchuk who struck first, hitting Pavel Mamayev in the face. Startled, the latter bounced off to the side. Then the brawl began, which can be seen in the CCTV footage. As a result, the man, who was beaten by a group of people, including the footballers, received a head injury, a fracture of the nasal bones, and contusion of soft tissues of the face.

During interrogation at the MIA General Administration Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow, it turned out that Pavel Mamayev pleaded guilty under Art. 116 of the Russian Criminal Code (for the episode with Solovshuk), but said he believed that not only did the driver provoke the conflict but also struck first. Mamayev intends to undergo a medical examination and verify battery-induced injuries. It is possible that the athlete will submit a complaint against Solovchuk shortly.

It is noteworthy that previously, Solovchuk also said that the conflict began because of the girl, but the circumstances were different. Allegedly, aggressive young people who were behaving inappropriately threw a bottle in his car.

“I was waiting for Olga Viktorovna, who was on sets. Suddenly, some drunk girl got in the car, saying she wanted to get warm. She smelled of heavy perfume. Olga Viktorovna is not fancy of such strong smells. I asked the girl to leave, and she started to kick up a fuss, saying “I won’t leave this car, period.” Then some guy came, in about 40 seconds to a minute, opened the car door, and took her away. When I was about to drive off, I heard the sound of something hitting the car as if something shattered,” the victim driver said.

He recognized Kokorin and Mamayev from the pictures when their subsequent punch-up in a coffee shop was reported. To recall, on the morning of October 8, footballers from Zenit and Krasnodar Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev attacked Head of the Department of Automotive and Railway Transport of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Pak, as well as Director General of NAMI Federal State Unitary Enterprise Sergey Gaisin, in a cafe.

It is also noteworthy that according to Rosbalt, Olga Ushakova was previously married to former Deputy Director General of the FSB, Vyacheslav Ushakov. He resigned in 2011 with the wording “for admitted deficiencies in work and violation of professional ethics.” They had lived together for 15 years. They have children together, and their relationship is still warm, despite that the TV host is now married to a foreign restaurateur Adam Karim, who does not live in Russia.

The woman is quite a somebody, so the investigation can be difficult,” a source in law enforcement bodies said.

To recall, a criminal case under Hooliganism has been initiated against the footballers. The day before, they came to the MIA General Administration Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow for interrogation. Shortly, the issue of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev’s arrest will be decided.



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