Football fans from Peru to sue Utair because of smoke on board

Football fans from Peru to sue Utair because of smoke on board

There has been an accident on board the Utair aircraft, which was returning from Yekaterinburg via Tyumen to Moscow with football fans from Peru as its passengers.

At some point during the flight, the passengers of the plane smelled smoke. Judging by the video, they did not only smell it, as the smoke was strong enough. Then the smoke was gone, leaving a bad impression. Now the passengers are going to file claims against the airline. The Peruvian Embassy in Russia has made an official statement about this incident on its Facebook page.

Despite the fact that no passengers were injured in the incident, they still plan to file claims against Utair over violation of security protocols. Because of the incident, passengers got delayed in Tyumen, arrived late in Moscow, and some of them missed their next flights. In addition, they complained about the crew members who did not know English and could not explain what was going. On top of it, there was no automatic ejection of oxygen masks in the cabin during the smoke.

Utair representatives said that the incident was caused by malfunctions in the operation of one of the aircraft engines; the situation was not critical; the crew acted in accordance with instructions; the air conditioning system removed smoke from the passenger compartment.

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) is now in charge of the investigation. According to the Agency, the incident was caused by a failure in the operation of turboprop engine No. 2. A version of foreign objects entering the engine is also considered.

It should be emphasized that this is the second incident involving Utair planes in recent days. For example, another emergency happened at the take-off of the airline's aircraft on June 22. The chassis of the passenger airliner caught fire on the taxiway at the Roschino airport in Tyumen. The flame engulfed the rear wheel of the left chassis. At the time of the fire, there were 21 people on board the plane. Fortunately, no one was injured, just like in the case of smoke in the cabin with Peruvian football fans.



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