Footage of brutal attack on kindergarten published 

Footage of brutal attack on kindergarten published

The man was let in the building by the security personnel.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has published a footage that shows a man breaking into a Naryan-Mar-based kindergarten and killing a child he doesn’t know. The murderer has been detained.

On October 31, during the sleep hour, Denis Pozdeev made a call via a buzzer at the central entrance of a kindergarten Skazka. The security personnel opened the door and easily let him in. Later, he would testify that he had mistaken him for a parent. The attacker went to the second floor and entered a room where children were sleeping. 

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One of the child-minders ‘smelt a rat’ and tried to stop the man, but he pushed her away and went further. Another child-minder started screaming and calling for help. The nurse ran away to get help; another employee hit the panic button.

While all these acts were being committed, Pozdeev fatally stabbed a 6-year-old boy.



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