Following Kerch shooting: what really happened? 

Following Kerch shooting: what really happened?
Is Roslyakov a Columbiner? Photo: The CrimeRussia

Kerch tragedy, which took two dozen lives and crippled about fifty people, arises more questions than answers. All roads lead to the place of mass murder. Or is it a terrorist attack? Many details emerge, and The CrimeRussia tries to analyze the tragedy.

Legal squire

The 18-year-old student of the Kerch Polytechnic College, Vladislav Roslyakov, staged a brutal massacre. He used the Turkish 12-caliber shotgun of the Hatsan Escort brand, the license for which he received in September of this year. He bought 150 cartridges four days before the mass execution quite legally.


“He had permission to purchase cartridges issued by our law enforcement agencies - the licensing department of the Rosgvardiya. It was September 8, 2018. We have no claims against Roslyakov as a buyer. The guy showed us the license. We recorded all the data from this document to our journal. Then Roslyakov signed for the purchase and paid in cash for 150 cartridges of 900 rubles,” said Anatoly Lunev, director of the Sokol hunting store.

CCTV recorded the time of cartridges purchase    

“You need two days to collect a medical certificate. The narcology just records that you are not on file. A psychiatrist gets a formal conversation: “Why do you need a weapon?” - “I love hunting/practical shooting/self-defense,” and that's all. Hunting ticket by the Ministry of Environment is issued for one week. The safe deposit costs one and a half thousand rubles. A couple of days to show the precinct safe in the apartment, pick up the act the next day. Then all this pile of paper has to be sent to the Rosgvardiya, wait ten days, buy a barrel, and got a license. Just a month! In total, about 14 500 rubles($220). This, of course, is an extremely budget option. And if a person is not sane, but at the same time he has never applied for psychiatric help, no one will know anything,” Evgeny Kryzhin, a DPR soldier, described a legalization scheme.

One in the field but without the shield?

“We provide knowledge for the purchase of any weapon allowed for legal circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation. We issue a certificate. The course costs 6 thousand rubles. But we made a discount, and Roslyakov paid only 4 thousand,” says Leonid Yashchuk, the employee of the Egida+ school of the Simferopol security guards that gave a 6-hour shooting training course for Roslyakov.

документ ношение.jpg

According to the document, Roslyakov graduated from the Egida+ private shooting school on July 18 of this year    


According to Leonid Yashchuk, Roslyakov was a bright child

There is a photo of Vladislav Roslyakov, where he poses with a weapon against a target. The photo was taken at the shooting range, which means that the guy dealt with the gun before the attack.


Roslyakov has a soft spot for weapons

But you cannot purchase the bomb. Also, Roslyakov got about a dozen improvised bombs and the Molotov cocktail. He did not have time to blow them up. Otherwise, there would have been more victims.


And if it is clear how he acquired the gun and cartridges, as well as got shooting skills, the above-mentioned explosive arsenal makes you think about a professional accomplice. And if the investigation will be able to answer the question of how and where improvised bombs were collected, whether there are imprints on them, and the circumstances of the tragedy, the motive will become clear.


Moreover, it is impossible to combine the mass execution of people with the undermining of the bomb, while actively moving around the building and constantly reloading the gun, spending no more than 7 minutes on the whole process, including suicide.

“We cannot exclude the group attack. Who did it, who set up, who gave the assembly technology, where it was carried out, who found the composite elements of improvised explosive devices? Who defined the tactics of this person? Who controlled the psycho-emotional status? There are tactics how to manage young people. Probably, it was a terrorist act. He is not a Special Forces officer who has been trained. So he had to work out under someone's guidance, he had to be prepared for this. Any teenager who takes a weapon for the first time will not carry out a complex of these actions. I have been training people in different countries for several decades,” said Joseph Linder, the expert of the International Counter Terror Training Association.

Roslyakov's last route

On the day of the tragedy, 52 surveillance cameras were operating in the college building. The path of Roslyakov was tracked. There are a lot of records; they are still being studied by experts.

Схема убииства.jpg

The route of Vladislav Roslyakov. Source: KP

According to one version, he entered the building during a long break without attracting the attention of the college staff. He left a backpack with explosives in the dining room on the 1st floor. On the second floor, he changed clothes in a non-working toilet, took out a weapon from the tube for the drawings and went to “walk” on the floors. Then he returned to the dining room and activated the explosive. Then he went up to the library, firing along the way, where he committed suicide.






After the shooting. Source: Meduza

“I gave a call for a break, as usual. The flow of children faced an explosion. I thought the TV exploded. Then - the second explosion. There was shooting on the second floor. Terrorists could come in from the back: we have a fence there that can be passed. There is no camera; you can safely climb. I ran to press the alarm buttons. The phone does not work. Something hit me hard. My legs, hips, and back were covered in blood, I started screaming, asked to call an ambulance,” says janitor Natalya Panikorovskaya. We emphasize that the woman speaks of two explosions.

A video that records how Roslyakov moves across the college courtyard to the emergency entrance hit the Internet. There is nobody around: silence, everyone is attending lessons.

запаснои выход.jpg

Last meters before the entrance, last minutes before slaughter

Something goes wrong…

“We met a week ago; he was in a good mood. What seems strange to me? Somewhere a month before, a grandson came to me and took all the family photos. He pulled them out of albums. He visited his dad and took all the photos from him too. He said that he wanted to take a photo of them and make a new album,” said grandmother of Vladislav Taisiya Roslyakova.

Таисия Рослякова.jpg

Grandma of Vladislav noticed some oddities in the behavior of her grandson

Mother Galina Roslyakova, who was detained at the workplace (she was a nurse at the Kerch Oncology Dispensary and nursed the wounded pupils from college), said that several days before the attack Vladislav watched shooting videos from various schools. She asked why he was doing this. He answered, “just for fun.” On the day of the murder, he waited until she left for work, and only after that went to the college.

According to friends, on the eve of the slaughter, Vladislav deleted all social networks pages. However, the Krymskaya Gazeta published some of his correspondence with a familiar girl. The publication claims that he used the fictitious name of Anatoly Smirnov. Now the page is deleted. The CrimeRussia can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this correspondence.

Also, the social network faced a photo of the 15-year-old girl, for whom Roslyakov posted records. It is assumed that he got one-sided love affair. The girl's name is Vladislava Samoylenko.

Another Columbine?

There is a version that Roslyakov turned out to be a Columbiner. In particular, he used the clothes of Eric Harris, one of the participants in the 1999 massacre at Columbine School (USA). Then two high school students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, used small arms and improvised explosive devices to wound 36 people, 15 of whom deceased. Roslyakov copied the clothes of Harris, wearing the same dark trousers and the white T-shirt with the inscription. By the way, the actor who staged Harris in the reconstruction film dedicated to Columbine looked identical. The choice of weapons and even suicide in the library are also utterly identical to the American tragedy. However, there is no any proof.


The Kerch killer used the image of his American peer, who killed his peers 19 years ago   

Roslyakov went to kill in a T-shirt with the inscription "Hate." Maybe, it was the mood of its owner.

Cult and carnage

Vladislav lived with his mother, who had divorced his father (by the way, law enforcement officers detained Igor Roslyakov after the search). It is known that Galina Roslyakova was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. According to class teacher Marina Maslova, the mother forbade him to have fun from childhood, because it is a sin. At school, Roslyakov did not participate in amateur activities, did not attend hobby classes. He was even forbidden to watch movies. Sometimes Vladislav violated his mother's prohibitions and was punished.

“He didn’t like his mother’s friends, whom he called some kind of fools who dance and sing. He spent a lot of time at school - a quiet, smiling guy. He was an ordinary sociable kid. Vlad studied poorly. He constantly visited the library - there was a computer that his mother refused to buy. He became interested in punk, hung bracelets on himself - mom, of course, did not like it. In the end, she came to me and asked what she should do with her son. I advised buying a computer. Mother bought, but it did not solve the problems...” the teacher said.

Probably, the guy got an inferiority complex, because he was driven by his mother into a cult. The guy was forced to communicate with sectarians. As known, the teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses prohibits the taking up of weapons, and this anti-patriotic sect also excludes any calls for murder and violence.

And what if Roslyakov's act was a desire to desecrate the cult?

“Roslyakov was not a follower of the sect. But a person who was influenced by his followers has residual effects. There is isolation, the loss of moral guidelines, religious disappointment. And adolescents also have an antipathy towards life, blaming others for an unsuccessful life. There are obvious things: if the state does not feed its army, then there is someone who feeds it; if the state is not engaged in the moral education of its fellow citizens, then this space is occupied by another state or cult, and in this case it was the Western subculture, which is based on violence and depravity. I urge everyone to pray for the dead, for the survivors and the consolation of their relatives. And it is amazing that many citizens donated blood to the victims. By the way, according to the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses cult, they all sinned: it was forbidden to donate blood,” Dr. of Theology, a writer and publicist, Archpriest Oleg Trofimov commented to The CrimeRussia.    

Teachers and students fell victims

Five adults and 15 students died in the slaughter (Roslyakov is 21). The six dead were minors.

Svetlana Yurievna, 57, was the head of the college and taught mathematics, and her 27-year-old daughter taught social studies. Dad also worked with them as an auxiliary worker. That day he was in the back room, so he survived.


Vladislav Roslyakov shot 46-year-old teacher of IT Alexander Moiseenko, as well as 62-year-old teacher Larisa Kudryavtseva and 63-year-old school employee Lyudmila Ustenko.    


16-year-old Alina Kerova, 19-year-old Anya Zhuravleva, and 17-year-old Ksenia Boldina disappeared after the slaughter: they did not return home and did not answer the phone calls. Their families alarmed publishing all points bulletin on social networks. Girls were not found among the victims. And by the morning their bodies were identified.


15-year-old Sergey Stepanenko went to study to support parents. He wanted to get a working specialty and earn money. And 19-year-old Egor Perepelkin moved to Kerch from Chelyabinsk four years ago. After graduating from college, he planned to be recruited into the army and return to his homeland. That day he called a friend and said that he did not want to go to college, but he had to. Both died.


19-year-old Vladislav Lazarev, as well as 16-year-old students Nikita Florensky and Ruden Dzhuraev, deceased.


21-year-old Roman Karymov studied mechanics and loved to play chess. He and 16-year-old Daria Chegerest fell the victim of the slaughter. And the 17-year-old Vika Demchuk died the next day in the hospital.


Also, Roslyakov killed 15-year-old Vladislav Verdibozhenko, 16-year-old Daniil Pipenko, 18-year-old Ruslan Lysenko, and 19-year-old Alexey Lavrinovich.




The burial ceremony. Source: Vedomosti

After the tragedy, it was reported that a meeting of young teachers was supposed to take place on October 17 at the Kerch Polytechnic College, but the evening before the trip to Kerch it was canceled, as the event was postponed for a week. However, this information did not find due confirmation: the teacher from Simferopol, who reported this, simply stopped contacting us.

And finally. The profile kerchmistoboy published "the official number of assistance to the victims" and the details of Qiwi-wallet. The page is titled “The group supporting Kerch in a difficult moment”; there are no subscriptions. The profile posts two telephone numbers: +79047120730 and +79083359458 (mobile operator - Tele2). Both are registered in Tatarstan.

As it turned out, these numbers do not respond. Sympathetic users merely transfer their money on Qiwi-wallet. It's scammers, guys!


Swell mobs decided to cash in on the grief of people

According to our data, Vladislav Roslyakov will be buried two weeks after the slaughter apart from his victims - in the cemetery sector for the rootless. He was posthumously assigned to a psychiatric examination. Also the police will check his blood for traces of alcohol and drugs and carry out a number of medical and ballistic examinations in order to establish: why did such a tragedy happen?



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