Flatmate of SPSU assistant professor tells about murder of graduate student

Flatmate of SPSU assistant professor tells about murder of graduate student
Oleg Sokolov

The crime was preceded by another quarrel of the historian with his girlfriend.

A housemate of the SPSU professor Oleg Sokolov heard the historian quarreling with a woman, after which he began to beat her. It happened on the night of November 8, as a result of which Sokolov’s cohabitant, the 24-year-old graduate student of the SPSU Anastasia Yeshenko disappeared, housemate Angelina told in the program Andrei Malakhov.Live

According to Angelina, the woman called Sokolov a bastard, and he replied: “an ungrateful creature.” Then, allegedly, there were blows, as if someone had been thrown against the wall, a female voice shouted that Sokolov had stopped touching her, but the blows continued. “The room was shaking,” Angelina recalled, whom only the wall separated with the fighting couple.

Yeshenko and Sokolova were not only in a romantic relationship, but engaged in professional activities. Together, they participated in historical reconstructions, Sokolov helped the girl write scientific works on the Napoleonic era. Students called the lovers Bonaparte and Josephine.

After murdering Yeshenko, Sokolov received guests in his apartment and conducted classes at the university. Then he got drunk and tried to drown Yeshenko’s chopped off hands in Moika. The historian sobered up cold water, began to call for help, and a passerby called for rescuers. The professor was sent to the hospital with hypothermia, and then arrested. 

In the historian’s apartment a bloodied saw and Yeshenko’s body with sawn off head and hands was found. The victim died of a gunshot wound. According to Sokolov, he shot from a shotgun.



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