'Fixer' Zolotov being held in elite prison cell

'Fixer' Zolotov being held in elite prison cell
Dionisy Zolotov

The comfortable cell is equipped with household appliances and a widescreen TV.

The lawyer, who is also a 'fixer', Dionisy Zolotov (Denis Tumarkin), involved in the embezzlement case, is held in an elite detention cell. The cell in Matrosskaya Tishina is perfectly renovated and contains many amenities. Eva Merkacheva, a member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (PMC), talked through the conditions of Zolotov's detention for Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Moskovsky Komsomolets pens that Zolotov's jail ward is very wide and spacious. The ward has such dimensions that the publication ironically notes that "one can play football there". The ‘fixer’ has a personal refrigerator, "stuffed with delicacies," and a large widescreen TV. Among other things, Zolotov has a "wall hung toilet" and a lot of household appliances. Merkacheva remarks that Zolotov also has two beds "covered with pure white clothing" in the cell.

Merkacheva's attempt to talk with Zolotov eye-to-eye failed. He was taken to the gym, because he asked the leadership of the detention center "to protect him from communicating with members of the PMC."

Zolotov directly assisted the investigation in detaining a member of the PMC, human rights defender Denis Nabiullin. The human rights activist was accused of promising Zolotov's relatives to help release him for a bribe. Nabiullin himself said that after Zolotov's call from the reprimand center he had come to a cafe to meet with "his man", where he had been rounded up.

Dionisy Zolotov, former Head of the Moscow Bar Association Zashchita (Protection) LLC, is a figure well known to law enforcement agencies. Zolotov was brought to justice for fraud at least four times. Being under the suspended term for scam against the producer of popular Korolevskaya Voda (Royal Water) Iosif Badalov and the head of Victoria group of companies, the honored builder of the Moscow region, Viktor Krulikovsky, Zolotov received a total of 6.5 years of imprisonment. However, at present he is again under investigation in another embezzlement case.



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