Five victims of Yury Movshin. Will former Head of Kuzbass traffic police avoid his punishment? 

Five victims of Yury Movshin. Will former Head of Kuzbass traffic police avoid his punishment?

There are no former police officers. After leaving office, some continue to live by the law, honestly and without compromise. But some, having got used to use privileges of a police position, are sure that their high-ranking position, even with the prefix ex-, grants a life right to personal integrity. Even when committing crimes.

Passions around road accident with former Chief of State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate (SRTSI) Yury Movshin do not cease in the Kemerovo Region. In the end of 2016, his car rammed another car, which was turning from the highway onto a country road. 4 people died in this accident. The former policeman himself did not get a scratch.

The chronology of events was partially recovered with the help of surveillance cameras and testimonies of eyewitnesses, who came to the scene of the crash a few minutes after the crash.

On the evening of April 23, Yury Movshin was driving on the route Kemerovo-Yashkino in Land Cruiser car. In several kilometers from the turn to the campsite Cosmos he started racing with Range Rover driving ahead. First, both cars overtook a few cars, going along the route on oncoming traffic lane. Then Movshin’s SUV managed to shoot ahead. Probably, in the excitement the driver continued to race in the opposite lane and kept watching his opponent. He noticed Toyota Premio turning on to a campsite too late. Instead of slowing down or driving his lane, Movshin turned the wheel to the left, on a road shoulder, and rammed the Japanese foreign car, which had almost finished the maneuver, in the back door. In several seconds both cars were thrown on different sides of the road, after turning over several times and breaking the fences. But if the SUV driver got off with a fright, for passengers inside the old Japanese car this trip became the last in their life. Two girls died on the spot, another two died after several hours in intensive care, without regaining consciousness. The ambulance also took to the hospital driver of the Toyota Viktor Olenin, who was in a state of shock.


Photo: Permyakova, Loseva, Gavrilova, Bashurova

The dead were four bikers - Natalia Loseva, wife of the leader of the Kemerovo biker club Denis Losev, and representatives of the Krasnoyarsk female motorcycle club Vsadnicy – Daria Bashurova, Galina Gavrilova and Svetlana Permyakova. They literally did not reach 30 meters to campsite gate, where friends waited them – that day, bikers were celebrating anniversary of one of local biker clubs guests gathered from all Siberia. As Denis Losev said, after hearing a wild roar, everyone ran from the camp to the route and tried to give help to the people clamped in the machine. The Former Head of Kuzbass SRTSI Yury Movshin, after getting out of the car, started to call by telephone. During all the time while experts worked at the place and ambulance cars were taking away still-living victims and corpses, he had never approached the crumpled car and had never said words of a condolence and regret, as it is usually done in such cases. On the contrary, according to bikers, he was smiling. However, the whole time he was trying to keep close to his former subordinates. Perhaps, being afraid of mob killing.

Bikers also had their concerns – they feared that the facts about the circumstances of the accident would be fudged on the spot, that videos of the moment of the crash would disappear (because of that they filmed the videos from the campsite’s surveillance cameras on their phones and posted them on the web), that the eyewitnesses from the cars driving behind the Toyota and Cruiser would change their testimonies in favor of Movshin. It occurred that the fears were not groundless – days later, a flash card from video recorder of the car, which was driving behind Toyota disappeared. It is highly possible that if the videos from campsite’s surveillance cameras had not been published, they would have disappeared as well. (Nevertheless, later the video from the video recorder was published).

So why do all the people in the region, who was following and still continue to follow this scandalous accident, believe that Yury Movshin may come off clear? First of all, it is because of the identity of the former police officer himself. More precisely, in his high-ranking position for which in our country the ex-prefix does not count. And it is impossible to forget about the factor of corporate solidarity. The officers arrived at the scene of an accident, were serving under the lead of Movshin for many years, chiefs of investigating officers and expert services were attending meetings, and banquets with him. He was saving many of them, who came across on violations of road rules, by one call. The relationships among imperious ranks are such that everyone owe something to everyone and sometimes they have to provide a response service, albeit at the expense of law and morality. In situation with Yury Movshin there are even two more factors – his daughter Natalia Lopatina is the Deputy Chairman of Zavodskoy district court in Kemerovo, and another relative and neighbor in a cottage settlement – the former Head of the General Administration of the MIA in the Kemerovo Region Anatoly Vinogradov. The latter had been heading the Kuzbass police for 10 years and in 2007 was dismissed with the formulation numerous violations in work of subordinated structure.  What is meant by this phrase is a story, which happened in October 2007. Then, one of the police officers, who got into a road accident,  shot the driver of another car from a service weapon and then tried to escape, lost control of the car and knocked down and killed two girls. After this incident, Vinogradov was fired.

Yury Movshin began his career in August 1975 as a Road Patrol Service inspector in Kemerovo. Having passed almost all steps of the job ladder, in January 1999, he became a head of the regional service of SRTSI and led it up to 2012, leaving the post on superannuation. There were no scandals with participation of him or his subordinates during these 13 years (dirty linen has never been washed in public during his lead).  However, he left cushy job allegedly against his will. He was asked to vacate the office of chief state traffic inspector after completion of investigation of the road accident with Movshin's participation.  Then as a result of motor vehicle accident a person died. This happened practically on the same section of the road where the girls-bikers died, only 5 years earlier.  Yury Movshin’s Land Cruiser smashed into VAZ-2114 with a simple worker Sergey Maksimkin. According to the official testimonies of eyewitnesses, which are available in a criminal case, Maksimkin began to overtake a bus and crashed into the off-road vehicle of the chief of traffic police driving towards at the permitted speed. However there are also unofficial indications. Right after the accident, the section of the route was blocked and SRTSI officers were moving the collided machines, rubbed clean and drew again brake marks of the off-road vehicle on asphalt. This was done to ensure that no one would have any doubts in Movshin’s innocence. 

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Photo: shot from a video recorder

These unofficial indications could have been considered as rumors if it had not been for two slight hitches. In several days after the incident Maksimkin's widow Elena Lavrova received calls from witnesses of the accident with apologies, that they have had to lie in testimonies about the speed of a vehicle that was led by police officer, for fear of losing their own driver's license. According to them, the policeman was actually driving with considerable excess. And on the 40th day since the death of her husband, Movshin with his attorney came to the widow in café and clearly hinted that if she does not accept the official version about the accident, she may loose he business. The widow knew from the first day who would be made guilty and did not hope much on objective investigation, therefore she did not start to go from instance to instance and to write complaints – her husband could not been returned by this.

Yury Movshin, stepping over this unpleasant fact in his biography, continued to move on the career ladder. He became the Head of the Department of Transport and Communications of the Kemerovo Region. However, the civil service did not last very long. Two years later, in 2014, after a scandal with unjustified increase in the cost of public transport, the governor fired him. According to unofficial data, Movshin lobbied this increase, as his brother – Vladimir Movshin – is a director of the transport column performing passenger traffic. In two weeks after the dismissal from the department, the ex-official began to direct the entity Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans. But there he also stayed only for a little more than six months. And as many former police officers with senior shoulder straps, he went to work in a commercial structure.

Public interest in Yury Movshin's person over the past two years came to naught and, most likely, the region would have forgotten about the existence of this once significant person if it was not for the April tragedy. The biker community, whose girlfriends died in the first days after the incident, started officially demand an objective investigation of the accident and punishment of guilty persons through the local media. Everyone were afraid that the responsibility for death of the girls will lay down on the driver of Toyota Premio Victor Olenin. He had to run away from hospital, where he was put after the accident, and hide for some time, because unknown people started to put pressure on him and his family. While media service of the MIA hurried to make loud statements that the Olenin’s car did not undergo checkup this year, that the driver did not have compulsory third party car insurance and that his driving license was revoked for driving in a state of intoxication. Though the official representative of the Ministry could not explain how these three facts were connected with the fact that Olenin’s car was rammed. It should be noted that Movshin's defenders defend the version that the driver of Toyota Premio, who did not convince of safety of maneuver, was guilt in the road accident. And moreover, he should not even been there, as he did not have his driver license.

When it was considered that the investigation had already chosen a whipping boy, petition To bring the former Head of traffic police Yury Movshin to trial for four corpses in road accident appeared. For several days the petition gained more than 90 thousand signatures. And in a week the authorities of the Kemerovo region made an unexpected announcement. At the suggestion of the governor Aman Tuleyev, according to the decision of deputies of the regional council, Yury Movshin was deprived of all his regional awards and a rank "Honorary Citizen of the Kemerovo Region". Moreover, an independent commission on investigation of the reasons of this resonant road accident was created. Thus, the regional authorities let security officers know that they was not intended to cover Movshin, and that investigating officers could act within the law. The former colleagues of the ex-police officer regarded it as attack command and literally in few days collected all required materials for presentation of accusation to Yury Movshin. Though they did not manage to do it at once.  Movshin was providently admitted to cardiology - worsened health problems. The investigators had to send an inquiry, according to the law, and to wait for the written permission of the attending physician about a possibility of a meeting with the patient to get into his room and to interrogate him. Because of this paperwork, the official charge in road accident making was brought to the former road traffic inspector only a month later. 


Photo: lawyer Sergey Zhorin

While Movshin was in the hospital, his family was looking for a lawyer - leading local defenders refused to represent him. But the star Moscow lawyer Sergey Zhorin, seeing an opportunity for self-praise, immediately flew to Kemerovo to meet with a potential client. Immediately after the meeting he told reporters that he has agreed to protect Movshin, as he noticed a massive public persecution of his client. And this persecution, according to him, has custom character. As a defense tactics, Zhorin chose to shift the focus from his client to other drivers who appeared at that moment on Yashkinskaya Route. So, driver of the Range Rover, which the lawyer’s client was trying to overtake, got under hand of Zhorin. Allegedly he did not allow Movshin to get back on his lane and thus caused the accident, so it was also necessary to prosecute the accused. Though on the record from the video recorder, which is available in criminal case, it is clearly visible that Movshin's off-road vehicle rushing on oncoming traffic line did not even make attempts to return his lane.

Degree of guilt of driver of Toyota Premio Victor Olenin also raised Zhorin’s questions. The lawyer accused him of leaving the scene of an accident and refusing of health screening. Seems he did not notice or tried not to notice in the materials of the case, that Olenin was taken from the place of accident by ambulance. In hospital all necessary analyses were made, and all this can be confirmed with references.


Photo: health screening

Investigators also attracted Zhorin’s attention. He accused them of falsification of proofs. However, tactics of protection did not work – there were counterarguments against all attempts of accusations. And the investigation already was at the home stretch – all targets of the case are currently getting acquainted with the case papers before presentation of final accusations. At this exactly moment Sergey Zhorin used his last trump – demanded conducting of two more additional examinations (video technical and autotechnical), which are carried out only in the Moscow center of examination and assessment, through the Prosecutor General’s Office. But the queue on their carrying out can last half a year. However, according to available information, the investigators and the defenders of victims managed to accelerate expectation process, experts have already begun conducting the expertise on August 14. The result was promised to be presented in October. If Movshin’s party does not think of anything else, nothing will prolong the case now.

The main questions, on which the experts should answer – with what speed did Yury Movshin move and did he have an opportunity to avoid collision. Initially its defense declared – there was no overspeeding. However right after promulgation of videos of the accident, Kuzbass blogger Alexey Kudrya on own initiative conducted such expertise and then video reconstruction of this road accident. Alexey Kudrya conducted this expertise on his own initiative and then created video reconstruction of this road accident.

Conclusions to which he came are unambiguous: Movshin's car speeded at 36 meters per second - it is 130 kilometers per hour. At the same time it is impossible to call the blogger an amateur – he has already carried out such calculations more than once. Alexey Kudrya is regularly involved as an expert in similar probes by local police officers. The blogger is sure, again based on his calculations, - if the Movshin’s speed was within acceptable limits - and these are 25 meters per second, - Toyota Premio would manage to finish the maneuver. Such mistakes, the price of which is a human life, simply unacceptable for a person with more than 20 years driving experience, especially for a man who spent his adult life in the profession, preaching road safety.

We will follow the development of the story and we do not exclude that new fact may soon be uncovered in the Movshin’s case. As, for example, a miracle - emergence of a witness who escaped in that accident. On the turn, just a few meters from the collision of the cars appeared a country boy on a moped. And he could tell something about the terrible car accident. But, as far as we know, the investigation has not managed to identify his personality yet.

Caption Photo: Photo from the place of accident
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