First Cyprian serial killer turned out to be military

First Cyprian serial killer turned out to be military
Photo: AP Photos / Philippos Christou

The body of his first victim was discovered almost by accident - it was washed down by heavy showers.

The police of the island of Cyprus detained the serial killer, first in the history of the state. It turned out to be a 35-year-old military man who was looking for his victims on a dating site, Life writes.

The man killed two women, as well as the six-year-old daughter of one of them. All of them were officially reported missing until the bodies of the women were discovered in the flooded mine of the village of Mitsero. Divers are looking for the body of the girl at the bottom of the lake nearby.

As the police told, the suspect has already confessed to one crime, he said that he strangled a 28-year-old native of the Philippines immediately after having sex with her. According to him, they met through the app.

It is reported that the body of 38-year-old Mary Rose Tiburcio was first discovered. In mid-April, water raised it to the surface of a 150-meter trunk due to heavy rainfall in the region. A German tourist found the corpse photographing the mine. Later, experts found the second body, packed the same way as the first.

The head of the police, Zacharias Chrysostomou, said that the law enforcement officers and the public "faced a crime unprecedented for Cyprus." At the same time, the leader of the Progressive Party of the Working People, Andros Kyprianou, blamed the incumbent authorities, who did not make sufficient efforts to search for the missing people.



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