First claim against law on renovation sent over to Moscow City Court

First claim against law on renovation sent over to Moscow City Court

The female resident of the Region of Perovo whose house has got under demolition acts as a complainant.

The first claim against the law on renovation of housing stock of the capital sent over to the Moscow City Court. Politician Dmitry Gudkov in his Facebook writes about it.

According to him, the document was filed by a female resident of the Perovo district, whose house has got under demolition. The complainant claims that the law contradicts the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and in particular to the 35th article in which it is said that “nobody can be deprived of the property differently as by a court decision”.

According to logic of the author of the document, the vote on the portal of the city hall of Moscow Active Сitizen or decisions of neighbors in the house are illegal. Also in the claim it is specified that the general meeting of homeowners under the Housing code, can not decide whether the house will be included in the project of renovation or not.

Earlier on Tuesday, May 23, first vice speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov told that the second reading of the bill of renovation of housing stock can take place in Moscow on June 9. Parliamentary hearings on this project, respectively, postponed from 20 to June 6 as work on amendments has not been finished yet.



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