First businessman from Titov’s list returns to Russia and gets arrested 

First businessman from Titov’s list returns to Russia and gets arrested
Andrey Kakovkin with his family

In Russia, Andrey Kakovkin from Rostov is accused of embezzling 10 million rubles ($177,600) he borrowed.

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov reports on the first businessman from his list, who has returned to Russia. According to him, Rostov businessman Andrey Kakovkin, who is a defendant in the case of 10-million-ruble embezzlement, has arrived from London.

“On the date of application by the plaintiff, Andrey Kakovkin’s cash assets were seized by bodies of preliminary investigation, therefore, he did not have the opportunity to return them voluntarily. To resolve this conflict, Kakovkin had to return to Russia,” Titov said on Facebook.

He noted that the businessman was arrested immediately after entering the Russian Federation, however, the proxy’s team managed to ensure the release of Kakovkin from the prison cell.

“The man spent the first night, as well as the nights before the trial, not in a prison cell, but with his family,” Titov said, concluding that his list did work.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the ombudsman met with several dozens of businessmen in London, who, for the most part, are under investigation in Russia. According to Titov, all entrepreneurs expressed a desire to return home, and he is determined to seek this opportunity for them.



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