Fire fighters at Zimnyaya Vishnya did not have necessary equipment, eyewitness says

Fire fighters at Zimnyaya Vishnya did not have necessary equipment, eyewitness says
Alexander Patrin / RIA Novosti

Firefighters could not open locked doors and rescue people.

Firefighters from the squad of Sergey Genin that arrived to extinguish Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center could not save people as they did not have special equipment for opening locked doors, Anton Bridov, Assistant Chief of patrol of fire brigade No.2, said in Zavodskoy District Court in Kemerovo, reports RIA Novosti.

“We got to the doors of the fourth floor, hit a locked iron door and received the order from Genin to return in the opposite direction,” said Bridov. According to him, the firefighters did not take crowbars and a power cutter, because “they were not necessary.” The staff of the squad also left glowing cables in the car, having gone into the burning shopping center only with flashlights.

Bridov also said that his boss had left a plan for movements around the building in the fire truck.

“Genin studied the movement plan when we on our way to the mall, we did not see the plan, we were in different cabins ... He did not give a combat mission when we arrived ... We moved on the orders of the squad commander Genin, followed him, Genin followed a guard,“ - said the fire fighter. He added that one of the visitors of the shopping center offered to go after him, said his children were on the fourth floor, but the firemen went the other way after the guard.

The fire in shopping center Zimnyaya Vishnya in Kemerovo occurred in March 2018. 60 people died in the fire, most of them were children. 15 people were arrested in the framework of the fire criminal case.



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