Fight for Moscow Prosecutor’s post: new candidates 

Fight for Moscow Prosecutor’s post: new candidates
Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Yury Katasonov hopes to retain his post

The letter of resignation of the capital's prosecutor, Vladimir Churikov, has not been signed yet, but the puppets of various political and security clans continue to aspire to his position. According to the source of The CrimeRussia, one of the deputies of Yuri Chaika Vladimir Malinovsky joined the game. He supported the candidacy of Tula prosecutor Kozlov through the deputy of Churikov.

New figures joined the fight of patrons for their protégés for the post of Moscow prosecutor. The sources of The CrimeRussia report Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Vladimir Malinovsky entered the big behind-the-scenes game. He sided with Tula prosecutor Alexander Kozlov, but not directly, but through his 'own' person, Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Yury Katasonov.

As The CrimeRussia has previously reported, son of Prosecutor General Artem Chaika and Mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin have already started nominating their candidates for the place of the Head of the Moscow prosecutor's office. Chaika Jr. lobbies for the vacant seat of the current Deputy Prosecutor of the city Oleg Manakov, and the mayor – for the post of Tula prosecutor Alexander Kozlov. It is worth noting that Kozlov was involved in the high-profile case of 2011 on 'covering' casinos by Moscow region prosecutors, and Manakov had connections with 'Krasnogorsky shooter' Amiran Georgadze, who killed four people in 2015 and committed suicide.

Александр Козлов

Alexander Kozlov

Олег Манаков

Oleg Manakov

As noted by the source, Manakov is now in the lead in this race, he has more chances to sit in the prosecutor's chair, however, intrasecurity clans also joined the fight for the post. Thus, Vladimir Churikov's Deputy Yuri Katasonov, supported by Vladimir Malinovsky, after Kozlov's arrival plans to remain in the position of his Deputy. Probably Churikov's Deputy assumes that if the post of Head of the Moscow prosecutor's office is taken by Manakov, he will lose his place.

Владимир Малиновский

Vladimir Malinovsky

Yuri Katasonov graduated from Moscow State Law Academy in 2000 summa cum laude. He worked as a senior investigator of Perovskaya inter-district prosecutor's office in Moscow, and then moved to the prosecutor's office of the South-Western district. In 2004 he became the Head of Preobrazhenskaya inter-district Prosecutor's Office, in 2009 he was appointed prosecutor of the Eastern Administrative District, and on May 31, 2013 he became Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Moscow. 

Katasonov's work in the Prosecutor's Office of the Eastern Administrative District was marked by several scandals, from which he managed to get out, leaving almost no traces. In 2011 the prosecutor's office revealed that the commander of fire station №15 Andrey Gryaznov and firefighter Pavel Vasilyev illegally rented out a fire hose "for the party" some Alexey Lavrov. They took a little for it – only 5 thousand rubles ($83.2). Later it transpired that the inventory had already written off. But it was Lavrov who appealed to the Moscow Internal Affairs Department for the Eastern Administrative District (VAO) with a claim against the EMERCOM officers. Prosecutors decided not to nickel and dime – they demanded 1.2 million rubles ($19.9 thousand) for relief from criminal liability.

The firefighters did not have this money, and they appealed to the FSB. Having collected only 500 thousand ($8.3 thousand), the firemen went to cafe Le Pain Quotidien near Taganskaya metro station under the supervision of special services. And then during the transfer of another 200.000 ($3.3 thousand) the intermediary of corrupt officials was detained – lawyer Vladimir Belyakov. Earlier he worked for about 12 years in various courts (including the Perovsky), but then he was fired for "unscrupulousness". During the interrogation he immediately states that the money had been intended for senior assistant to the Head of the VAO Prosecutor's Office Sergey Burlachenko and the Head of the department, Yury Katasonov. However, the case was initiated only against the intermediary lawyer and the senior assistant to the prosecutor. They were accused of Mediation in Bribery (part 2 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code) and Bribe-Taking (part 2 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code) respectively.

On August 8, 2011 Sergey Burlachenko was dismissed for violating the oath of the prosecutor, as well as for committing an offense discrediting the honor of the prosecutor's office employee. The Head of the VAO Prosecutor's Office, Yuri Katasonov, got off scot-free to the extent that his name disappeared from the reports of a number of publications, which previously reported the capture of Belyakov and Burlachenko on a bribe. We found the news report in its original form at the siloviki's forums. Subsequently, the note was amended

Obviously, Katasonov hushed up a dirtier case the same way. According to our source, the prosecutor of the VAO was suspected of rape, but probably this information did not go beyond the cabinets.

Earlier we learned that the capital's prosecutor, Vladimir Churikov, had resigned. The reason for the departure was disagreements with Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, with whom personal relationship was not smooth. Even before the official announcement of his resignation, the candidates of the mayor's office and the Prosecutor General's Office already aspire tp his post.

Владимир Чуриков

Vladimir Churikov

At the same time, in addition to Churikov's letter of resignation, a complaint from the Moscow prosecutor's staff against his boss also lay down on the table of Yuri Chaika. He, as it follows from the letter, "does not follow orders" of Chaika in terms of material and social security of prosecutors. At the moment, according to the sources of The CrimeRussia, both the complaint and the latter are under consideration by First Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman.



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