Ferrari driver caught doing 245 km/h with no driver's license 

Ferrari driver caught doing 245 km/h with no driver's license
Kazimbek Batyrov

The son of a prominent businessman was deprived of his driver's license after he refused to take medical tests when caught showing signs of alcoholic intoxication.

Kazimbek Batyrov, a silver-spooner of 20, was caught doing 245 km/h (152 mph) on his father’s Ferrari after having been deprived of his driver's license.

According to Life, traffic police stopped Batyrov showing signs of alcoholic intoxication about two years ago. However, the young man, who had only recently turned 18, refused to take a medical examination. The court therefore banned Batyrov from driving for two years. Back on the road, however, the rich kid returned to his old reckless habits. The driver has had over 80 money penalties for various violations.

The young man never misses the chance to show off on social media. Batyov posts quotes popular among certain kind of youngsters.


"If you can’t avoid the lawlessness, rule it," the reckless driver wrote under one of the pictures featuring himself and an expensive car.

"The law is nothing but a word for us," reads his next post.


Outrageous on the road, Kazim cares about his family’s peace: "What matters is that our families shouldn’t know what we do on the streets."

Notably, the young silver-spooner is the son of businessman Ashtar Batyrov, who runs Batyr, a large poultry company. According to Life, there are 5 luxury cars in the family’s garage: a Ferrari FF, a Maybach, a Mercedes and two Lexus SUVs.


The CrimeRussia had already made a story on Kazimbek Batyrov, who was caught doing 152 mph on a Moscow highway. The speed can be seen on the speedometer featuring in the video he posted later. The video was seen by a lot of people on social media. The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for Moscow is investigating the incident.

Video: Rich kid driving Dad’s Ferrari at 152 mph, Moscow



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