Federal Security Service suspects Dagestanian blogger detained in mass brawl case at Neolit cafe of terrorism

Federal Security Service suspects Dagestanian blogger detained in mass brawl case at Neolit cafe of terrorism
Alibek Mirzekhanov

Alibek Mirzekhanov detained on suspicion of disorderly conduct has been interrogated as a suspect of terrorist activities and hiring of gunmen.

Dagestanian blogger Alibek Mirzekhanov detained in a mass brawl case at Moscow’s Neolit cafe on February 14 became a suspect of terrorism, reports TASS with reference to the detainee’s lawyer Shamil Yandarbaev.

In the lawyer’s words, investigators of the Federal Security Service have already interrogated Mirzekhanov as a suspect of terrorist activities and hiring of future gunmen: the suspect had allegedly been hiring volunteers for participation in military operations in Syria. The lawyer noted his client who denies the accusations had been interrogated all night long.

On Thursday, the investigation of the Federal Security Service is intent to seek for remand in custody for Mirzekhanov before Moscow’s Meshchansky court. Earlier, on Monday, Moscow’s Kuzminsky court reserved judgement and extended the term of his detention for 72 hours. As soon as the hours expired, investigator, in the lawyer’s words, released the suspect on his own recognisance, however when he was going out of the temporary detention facility, he was placed in a minibus with no plates. After that, he got lost for all night. The young man’s relatives filed an abduction claim to the Investigative Committee of Russia and MIA. However, today, thanks to the lawyer, the fate of the detainee became clear.

Initially, Alibek Mirzekhanov was detained in February 16. The search warrant stated the blogger “was a participant of a crime committed on February 14 at Neolit cafe.” One person was hospitalized following the fight. The same evening, 52-year-old native of Azerbaijan Garib Orujev was shot dead (at least four times from a Glock pistol) in southeast Moscow. According to Rosbalt, he had earlier been an instigator of beating of a native of Chechnya that was shot on video and posted on the web by the Azerbaijanians. During the scuffle at Neolit cafe, he managed to escape, however the pursuers caught and killed him on Samarkandsky boulevard.

More than 20 natives of the North Caucasus were detained on suspicion of involvement in the incident. One of the defendants in the case is arrested; another one is under house arrest; other two detainees were released. Mirzekhanov’s relatives state he could not take part in the brawl and he has an alibi.

Shortly before the detention, the blogger posted on his Instagram he had noticed surveillance and worried something could happen to him. He assumed he was being persecuted by the Federal Security Service representatives, however he, in his words, didn’t violate the law and carried no illegal items with him.

In 2012 and 2013, Mirzekhanov turned to right defenders and shot videos about abduction and tortures. He stated he had been tortured three times and detained in Dagestan twice - for testimonies against his acquaintances. The suspect’s brother says the blogger left the Republic for reasons of safety.



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