Federal Judge Moskalenko killed himself fearing arrest for murder of businessman

Federal Judge Moskalenko killed himself fearing arrest for murder of businessman
Sergey Moskalenko

Investigative bodies of the Omsk region believe Judge Sergey Moskalenko has committed suicide because he feared imminent arrest for the murder of a businessman Viktor Berg.

The federal judge was the main suspect in the case of the entrepreneur's death.

Let us recall that, as it was earlier reported by the CrimeRussia, passersby found Sergey Moskalenko hung on a tree in the '300th anniversary of Omsk' Park at about 9 am January 14; he was wearing ski suit, and there were skis not far away from the body.

According to Senior Assistant of the regional ICR Investigations Directorate Larisa Boldinova, January 17, the jury was to review the application filed by ICR Head Aleksandr Bastrykin about the arrest of Sergey Moskalenko under the investigation of a criminal case on bribery. As we reported earlier, the judge was accused in the case of large-scale bribery. According to investigation, he received 8 million rubles as a bribe from Viktor Berg for rendering a milder sentence to the businessman. The latter was a defendant in a high-profile case of defrauded real estate investors.

According to the Omsk ICR, after the detention, Sergey Moskalenko had to have been charged with the murder of Viktor Berg. Despite the fact that the judge had tried to avert the suspicion and staged an 'assassination attempt' on himself to confuse the investigators, he remained the prime suspect in the crime.

Let us recall that Viktor Berg was found shot dead in the forest belt near Omsk on October 14, 2015. 



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