Federal Guard Service ignores issues of Kolpino Head 

Federal Guard Service ignores issues of Kolpino Head
Vadim Ivanov in court Photo: Sergey Nikolaev / Fontanka.ru

The son of the former Deputy Director of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation and the family clans — all of that and more in the article by Fontanka about the Kolpino municipality, the Head of which was arrested for the robbery he had committed 13 years ago.

The Kolpino municipality lawmaker have no intention to dismiss their Head Vadim Ivanov. Such solidarity is understandable: after all, top managers and business partners of his brother have always played a key role in the municipality. Half of Kolpino citizens once shopped in the stores of Ivanov’s relative. However, recently the Ivanovs clan has lost its moral support — the father of the Head of regional administration Yevgeny Laschuk resigned from the post of the Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Guard Service.

In 2004, Vadim Ivanov became an administration member of the Kolpino municipality for the first time, at the age of 34. He only had experience working in the Pleyada security company. The investigation believes that one year before the election, he committed robbery at the entrance of one of the houses on the Marshal Zakharov street. This claim has not been proven yet, but the facts make it possible to ascertain: if in those years Ivanov had indeed found his way into a bad company, the family would not have left him in trouble. After all, his father, mother and brother owned the St. Petersburg retail chain Vesta. In the best of times, the network consisted of about 20 stores, not only in Kolpino, but also in other areas of the city. However, in 2012, Vesta ceased to exist, and the Ivanovs turned into rentiers, who are now leasing network facilities. For example, the area of ​​the house on the Tverskaya Street, 32, is now occupied by the Semya (Family) shop.

Igor Ivanov, the elder brother, had always played a key role in the family business, an official from the Kolpino administration explained. Vadim himself preferred to be a lawmaker. In 2009, he became the head of the municipality. In 2014, he was re-elected, gaining 40% of votes and retaining the post of the head of Kolpino. At the same time, 1300 of the 4000 voters allegedly voted ahead of schedule.

Stillr, the old-timers of Kolpino political life insist that the shadow of the elder brother always loomed over the younger brother. It was no coincidence that the key figures in the municipality were taken by people from the Vesta structures.

All of the Ivanovs’ nest

The current Deputy Head of Kolpino Oleg Milyuta once worked as a commercial director in the structures controlled by the Ivanovs. His wife Tatiana is still listed among the co-founders of the Parkhouse company, along with the late Pyotr Ivanov — the father of the family. However, they did have an independent trading business, and Tatiana Milyuta is still a co-owner of commercial areas in Kolpino. For some time, their son Stanislav worked in the municipality.

For several years, the Head of the permanent commission for the improvement of the Kolpino municipality, lawmaker Nadezhda Kokovina worked as director of social relations at the Vesta network. Since 2013, she is the director of the Blues Limited Liability Company, which owns a premise on Shlisselburgsky, 37, Rybatskoe metro station, according to the Russian State Register. Sometime in the past, Vesta operated here, and now this spot is reserved for the Semya shop The sole owner of the Blues is Igor Ivanov, the brother of the Kolpino Head.


Photo: The scheme of involved persons from the Kolpino municipality and the Vesta company, prepared by Fontanka.ru

However, sources in the municipality said that after their failure at the last elections to the Legislative Assembly, this influential family decided to dismiss Kokovina. She was somehow to blame for the fact that Vadim Ivanov had failed to be elected in the city Parliament. However, the State Register does not contain any information that could confirm this fact — the Head of the local branch of the Spravedlivaya Rossiya party is still working for the brother of the Edinaya Rossiya member. The position of Kokovina’s husband, a retired army man Vladimir Kokovin, is also strong. He is working at the Kolpino local administration as a Deputy Head, who is responsible for all economic issues in the municipality.

After the 2014 elections, the family could gain even more influence over Kolpino thanks to Oksana Ivanova, a daughter of the elder brother, Igor Ivanov, who went for the municipal elections as a self-nominated candaidate. However, a young athlete and entrepreneur Viktor Danishevsky found more support. His connections were no less strong, he was lucky to make friends and start a business together with the children of the late chairman of the local House-building plant № 5, Reginald Kondratyev.

Among other things, he and Denis Kondratyev founded and headed the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts of the Leningrad Region. In 2015, the federation received a contract from the native Kolpino municipality for organizing a specialized sports club for mixed martial arts worth 2.4 million rubles. For carrying out the procurement responsible Chief specialist of the municipal procurement Svetlana Kabardintseva, whose father Alexey Kabardintsev works as a district lawmaker and heads the Chamber of Lawyers № 2, was responsible for the procurement process.

High-ranking son

Since 2011, the local administration has been under the iron grip of the 35-year-old Yevgeny Laschuk. This name draws awe among the municipal lawmakers, who are pointing their fingers above, as in prayer. The nature of such high esteem is obvious — Yevgeny’s father, Alexander Laschuk, had been a long-standing deputy director of the Russian Federal Guard Service. Apparently, he was a protégé of the long-living Head of the agency, Yevgeny Murov. The latter is a native of St. Petersburg department of the Federal Security Service (FSB). Moreover, in the early 2000s, a person with the same name and surname as Laschuk appears in the state documents as the head of the FSB department for the Moscow district of St. Petersburg. Both of them no longer work at the Federal Guard Service — Murov resigned in May 2016, Laschuk left the service a little earlier.

Sources in the region imply that the 30-year-old Laschuk was unlikely to head the administration of the Kolpino municipality so early, if not for a strong support at the top political level. He already had wide experience though before arriving at the municipality — Lashchuk worked in the Northwestern department of the Federal Agency for the Railway Transport and Gazprom Sotsinvest. There are no entries in the State Register that could indicate that Lashchuk had business. However, the position of the head of the municipal administration is also comfortable as it is. According to the official biography, in 2011, on the year of taking the office, he earned 750 thousand rubles, driving a Skoda car. And in 2013, his family purchased a Mercedes B180 and a BMW 116i with total annual income of 2.3 million.

Ivanov forever

For now, while Vadim Ivanov remains in prison, Oleg Milyuta is the Acting Head of Kolpino. Fontanka asked him whether the lawmakers are planning to hastily remove their leader from the office on suspicions of robbery.

"And what would be the base for dismissing him prematurely? You should read the law carefully. We will have the grounds for that, when we have the verdict. So, now everything is up to the court," Milyuta replied.

The Head of Kolpino will run the municipality from jail for at least a month — that is the period of detention set by the court. Vadim Ivanov has refused to plead guilty.



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