Father of notorious Mara Bagdasaryan invited to become jury

Father of notorious Mara Bagdasaryan invited to become jury
Mara and her father Elmar Bagdasaryan Photo: Life

Elmar Bagdasaryan entered the list of candidates approved by the Prefecture of the Northern district of the capital.

While infamous street racer Mara Bagdasaryan fulfills hours of labor for numerous administrative offense, her father, businessman Elmar Baghdasaryan, will probably do justice himself.

As Life found out, in December 2016, Bagdasaryan, who owns the company Nuchar (specializes in the wholesale trade of meat products), became one of the jurors of the Moscow City Court of the Moscow District Military Court and the Third District Military Court. The list of 19 thousand was approved by the Prefecture of the Northern district of the capital.

Note that the original list of future jurors the council districts of Moscow form. Candidates are selected randomly on the basis of the state automated system Vibory (Elections). Those, no applications are supplied, the system can choose any citizen, who meets a certain set of requirements. Then, lists are sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and district departments of public health organizations, which coordinate it within a month.

If Elmar Bagdasaryan is elected to the jury, he can be brought to the consideration of the criminal case once a year for 10 days. In general, participation in the trial as a juror is a civic duty and responsibility. For no-show it is an administrative fine. However, Bagdasaryan may refuse to participate in the process. There are following reasons: health, personal relation to a specific criminal offense or the defendant. Experts note that notoriety of Mara Bagdasaryan can directly affect the prospects of her father to become a juror. In particular, the defendants, who previously served as a law enforcement officers, may ask for the removal of Bagdasaryan on the pretext of the fact that the jury may have a negative attitude towards the employees of law enforcement agencies because of the history with his daughter.

Recall that the girl became famous after she was arrested for racing with son of the Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov. On October 7, the Gagarinsky court ruled on the participants of Gelandewagen race, and sentenced Ruslan Shamsuarov and Viktor Uskov to 300 hours of community service. In the car with them there were Abdulvahob Majidov and Mara Bagdasaryan. She managed to avoid criminal prosecution. Earlier, Bagdasaryan has already attracted the attention of the media in autumn 2015. She was in a saloon of BMW, crashed at Kutuzovsky Prospekt on 3 October. Then, three people were killed, several were injured. She was taken to the intensive care unit in critical condition.

Currently, Mara works for corrective work. The court sentenced her to 595 hours of community service for numerous traffic violations and unpaid fines.



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