Father of Balashikha ‘drunk’ boy told about strange letter from National Fund 

Father of Balashikha ‘drunk’ boy told about strange letter from National Fund
The grandfather of the died Alyosha - Nikolay Shimko

Roman Shimko found a document in a mailbox calling “for legality and prosperity”.

The father of the six-year-old boy hit in Balashikha by Olga Alisova, Roman Shimko, has told RenTV about a strange finding in a mailbox. According to him, the letter was sent by a certain National Fund calling for “legality and prosperity”.

The author of the message is Aleksander Sergeev, whom Shimko, according to him, does not know. Sergeev calls for a hunger strike “until the appropriate suppression of the scandalous lawlessness which has been observed for already five months and the total impunity of the persons conducting this lawlessness at their positions”. Besides, in the document, it is told that representatives of law enforcement agencies “slander the boy” saying that the child was drunk.

However, the main strangeness, according to Roman Shimko, is that one of the authors of the letter was specified as a grandfather of the died boy who allegedly also joined the hunger strike. According to the father, it is not true.

Earlier the CrimeRussia wrote with reference to Gazeta.ru that Olga Alisova accused a grandfather of the boy, Nikolay Shimko, of the death of the boy. According to her, he allegedly forced her to run down his grandson.

Thus, according to the protocol of Alisova’s interrogation, the boy stumbled and fell under wheels of her car himself, while Alyosha Shimko's grandfather demanded to drive off with the child who was already lying under the wheels back in response to what Alisova handed over back though the boy was still alive.

To recall, the tragedy happened on April 23 in located near Moscow Balashikha. Olga Alisova driving the foreign car at a high speed brought down the six-year-old boy in the yard of a house. However, the case became resonant after experts found 2.27 per milles of alcohol in the blood of the perished child. Alyosha's parents said that it could not be the truth and that the investigators tried to forge the case papers. As a result, a criminal case was initiated by the results of a repeated expertize over negligence.




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