Famous lawyer Negodyaev tries to hush up deadly car accident with assistance from ICR 

Famous lawyer Negodyaev tries to hush up deadly car accident with assistance from ICR
It is still unknown what was the speed of Negodyaev’s car moving in the bus lane Photo: The CrimeRussia

A public uproar is raging in Kemerovo due to a deadly car accident involving famous lawyer Vadim Negodyaev. His BMW X6 has left the roadway and rammed into a bus stop with people on it. No criminal case has been initiated so far, a pre-investigation check is ongoing. The case is handled not by the police, but by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR). Apparently, someone is trying to hush up the high-profile incident. It became known that the building where the Regional Investigative Directorate of the ICR and the regional court are located belongs to Negodyaev and is leased from him.

The residents of Kemerovo compare this tragedy with another high-profile road accident that had occurred nine months ago and involved Yuri Movshin, ex-Head of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Four female bikers died in that crash. The public is concerned that the person who has caused the recent collision would attempt to escape the liability – similarly with the former high-ranked policeman. The status and connections of the famous Kemerovo lawyer Vadim Negodyaev make it quite possible for him.

Светлана Симонова

Victim Svetlana Simonova 

The tragedy has occurred in Kemerovo on December 22, 2016, in the evening. The driver of an expensive BMW X6 car moving along Lenina avenue has lost control and rammed into a bus stop with people on it. It happened at 5:20 p.m. – i.e. in the middle of the rush hour, when all the bus stops were packed with commuters returning home from work. Not everybody managed to get out of the car’s way. Svetlana Simonova, 34 years old, was among those who did not make it. She was diagnosed with severe injuries, including fractured pelvic. A few hours later, the woman died in hospital. 

Later it became known that lawyer Vadim Negodyaev, 44 years old, was the driver of the BMW X6 with prestigious license plate number O701OO 42. 


Vadim Negodyaev is a senior teacher at the Department of Civil Law of the Law Faculty of the Kemerovo State University. Earlier he used to work in a major regional holding company. In addition, Negodyaev is a member of the Regional Chamber of Lawyers. According to some sources, Negodyaev has also a ‘second job’ – he handles arbitration proceedings.

According to the witnesses, immediately after the accident, the lawyer has contacted ‘right’ people, and soon luxury foreign-made cars started arriving to the bus stop. High-ranked police officers, fellow lawyers, and ICR representatives have arrived even before the ambulance. At that time, some witnesses have understood that Negodyaev would try to get off the hook.


Lawyer Vadim Negodyaev 

On the next day, the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate has reported that defects in the winter maintenance of the roadway, including narrowing of the road and obstacles hindering the movement, had been identified during the inspection of the crash site. Negodyaev himself has stated that there were deep (over 20 cm) tracing ruts, and he was thrown out of those during the movement. However, people who drove this section of the road on the same day, state: yes, there are tracing ruts, but if you move with a proper speed, there would be no issues. It is still unknown what was the speed of Negodyaev’s car moving in the bus lane – but his defense strategy is already clear: both himself and his lawyers would shift the blame on the road maintenance services. 

Although the traffic accident occurred several days ago, no criminal case has been initiated so far – ICR operatives are still conducting a pre-investigation check. The only fact announced by them up to now is that the driver was sober at the moment of the crash. All other factors – the speed, condition of the road, etc. – would be known only after the completion of a technical expert examination, which hasn’t been scheduled yet.

SUV has rammed into the bus stop SUV has rammed into the bus stop SUV has rammed into the bus stop
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Normally, traffic accidents, including fatal crashes, are investigated by the police, but this case is handled by the ICR for a reason. The point is that practicing lawyers have a special legal status, and according to the law, crimes and incidents involving such people must be investigated by the ICR. But in this particular case, that fact causes concerns because Negodyaev maintains close commercial relations with the Kemerovo Regional Court and Regional Investigations Directorate of the ICR. For many years, Negodyaev, who owns commercial real estate, has been renting out premises located in the central part of the city to these structures.

Private entrepreneur Vadim Valer’evich Negodyaev had signed several lease contracts with the Investigations Directorate in the Kemerovo Region of the ICR. In 2014, the Investigations Directorate had paid him 115,500 rubles, in 2015 – 1,386,000 rubles, while the sum of the contract for the year of 2016 is 1,153,680 rubles. Similar commercial lease contracts had been signed with the Kemerovo Regional Court – but their amounts were much higher: over 28 million rubles. 

The above facts make it possible to suppose that the investigation of this accident might be prejudiced. This is why those interested in an objective probe would like the case to be handled by the Federal ICR. It can’t be ruled out that the family of Svetlana Simonova, which includes two her orphaned children, will not rise any claims against Negodyaev – who has already paid for the funeral of the woman. And might pay more. If the defense for Negodyaev excludes claims from the victim party, what fair investigation and punishment would be possible? Who would prosecute a person guilty of killing a young woman accidentally standing in the way of an uncontrolled car with a famous lawyer behind the wheel?




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