Famous businessman Mindia Gulua injured in car bombing in Krasnodar

Famous businessman Mindia Gulua injured in car bombing in Krasnodar

The 47-year-old man was taken to the hospital, he will have an operation.

As reported by Yugopolis, in the afternoon of August 23, on the Chekistov Avenue in Yubileyny microdistrict, an unknown man with a machine gun shot Krasnodar businessman and his bodyguard, then got into his car, drove to the Dumenko Street, where he set the car on fire.

According to some reports, there were weapons and ammunition in the car. One of them detonated in a fire, which resulted in injuring a man who was passing by. The man is known in the Krasnodar Region and not only there, his name is Mindia Gulua.

He was taken from the scene to the hospital.

It is noteworthy that ten years ago, in 2006, in Krasnodar on the Dzerzhinsky Street a SUV in which was Gulua was blown. He was heavily injured but survived.

According to information from the open sources, Mindia Gulua is the founder of four companies: he owns 100% of CJSC Gruppa Kompaniy MAG in the Krasnodar Region (engaged in wholesale of machinery and equipment), 51% of Kras FM (engaged in the maintenance of boilers and power grids) 61% of Borjomi center (sale of beverages) and 60% of MGL-gruppa (sphere of activity - printing). He is also the Chairman of the All-Russian public organization called In the name of Georgia. In the 90s, Gulua was considered one of the Kuban vodka kings: in Ust-Labinsk area, he organized production of vodka Ladoga.

Gulua is also known as a politician. He is the founder of the party For renewed Georgia.

The law enforcement has not officially commented on the incident.



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