Family seat. Delimkhanovs clan dividing Chechen village of Dzhalka 

Family seat. Delimkhanovs clan dividing Chechen village of Dzhalka
Adam Delimkhanov. 'More than a brother' to the head of Chechnya

The cousin of Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, Adam Delimkhanov is a far from a poor man. This is not surprising, since the Delimkhanovs’ family clan is one of the most influential in Chechnya. However, far from everything Deputy Delimkhanov owns corresponds exactly to the declarations on property and incomes.

Based on the investigation conducted, Russiangate told about the property and land belonging to 'the second person in Chechnya.’

The family seat of Adam Delimkhanov and his family is located in Dzhalka village, the Gudermes district of Chechnya.

The main attraction of this village not far from Grozny is a magnificent palace with a green roof belonging to the closest friend of Ramzan Kadyrov.

Not much is known about the interior decoration of the house, as no strangers are allowed inside. A TV report by the Chechen State television and radio broadcasting company dedicated to the celebration of Uraza Bayram in 2012 shows a glimpse of a stone-paved courtyard, a garden, and round green roofs of the luxurious mansion. As for the house exteriors, Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondents once managed to film its close-up.

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However, judging by satellite images, in addition to the mansion with green domes, there is another slightly smaller house near the garden, a fountain and a park with alleys. Meanwhile, according to the public cadastral map, there are no buildings on the plot of 20.5 thousand square meters, the cadastral value of which is 8 million rubles.


Quarter in Dzhalka, where Delimkhanov family lives, Google Maps

Based on the pre-election declaration posted by the Chechen branch of the CEC in 2016, 'the second person in Chechnya' owns a land area of 1446 sq m and a house of 250 sq m. There was also an apartment of 121.5 sq m in use in the deputy report for 2015. A year later it was removed from the documents, the publication notes. In reality, Kadyrov’s counselor owns incomparably large territories in the republic.

The rating of Russian billionaires, published by Finance magazine in 2011, Deputy Delimkhanov's wealth is estimated at 300 million dollars or 9.1 billion rubles. Delimkhanov's official income for 2011 amounted to 1.9 million rubles (32 thousand dollars), and his wife made 187 thousand rubles (3 thousand dollars). Whereas already in 2016, according to the CEC, the deputy's income made as much as 4.7 million rubles (80 thousand dollars).  

Adam Delimkhanov’s wife disappeared from the anti-corruption declaration in 2014. According to 2013's report, her income reached 750 thousand dollars (12 thousand dollars). Her property includes two apartments: 148.5 sq m and 406 sq m, respectively, as well as a GL-class passenger car Mercedes-Benz. The couple had a house of 120 sq m and a deputy apartment in use in joint ownership.

According to Russiangate, the Delimkhanovs own a total of more than 27 thousand square meters in Chechnya. The declared real estate (a land plot of 1446 sq m and a house with an area of 250 sq m) is located right there in Dzhalka on Svobody Street, but it is diffused relative to the family scale of the patrimonial estate and the palace with green domes.


Delimkhanov brothers with their mother Maryam Delimkhanova, Ramzan Kadyrov with his mother Aymani Kadyrova, photos taken from the Instagram of Chechen Parliament Speaker Magomed Daudov, 2016

There is a plot of 2.7 thousand square meters between the deputy’s house and the palace; under the documents, it belongs to Maydan Sultanovna Mudatova since 2015. It is not possible to learn the names of the owners of three more houses in the immediate vicinity to the deputy's palace and house. According to Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography), one site has no owner, and the second one is not even on the cadastral map.

On the contrary, the land plot of 20.5 thousand square meters (cadastral value of 8 million rubles (135 thousand dollars)), where the palace is located, has an official owner. It is the deputy's mother, Maryam Delimkhanova. She also owns a residential building with a total area of 350.3 sq m, located nearby. Further along the street there are several more houses with green roofs. Here the real estate registry data completely at odds with the reality. Under the documents, another house with an area of 272.1 sq m is supposed to be located here, whereas in reality, there are three buildings and a garden.

To the right there is another huge house similar to the first. According to the documents, the land on which it stands belongs to two different sites, a land plot of 9.4 thousand square meters and 8.5 thousand square meters. One side of the house faces the street, where Sharip Delimkhanov lives, and the other – the side of Amkhat Delimkhanov. At the same time, there is no family house of Delimkhanovs on Rosreestr's maps. The two 'small' buildings on these plots (the area of each - 555.8 sq m) belong to Khedi Adamovna Soltakhanova (daughter of Adam Delimkhanov) and Elina Lechievna Delimkhanova.

The house (695.6 sq m) between them on Sh. S. Delimkhanov Street belongs to Yakhita Delimkhanova. She also owns the site on which a building is located (4280 sq m).  

The land plot (1724 sq m) to the right of the palace belongs to a certain Markha Gayrbekova – an actress with this name is listed in the Chechen state youth theater Serlo. There is a house with green tiles between Gayrbekova's territory and the palace, but is impossible to known to whom it belongs, as it is not on the cadastral map.


Russiangate notes that it is impossible to find the land owners on the next street, where the family of Sever Battalion Commander Ruslan Geremeev (suspected of involvement in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov) resides. Opposite the palace with the red roof, four buildings are clearly visible, linked by a single space of stones and lawns. However, under the documents, it is does belong to anybody. In addition, according to the Rosreestr, there is supposed to be no houses on the opposite side of the street.

Let us recall that the family of one of the most influential Chechen politicians Adam Delimkhanov is very close to Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov. All Adam Delimkhanov's brothers fill the leading positions in the power structures of the republic. Alibek Delimkhanov used to head the Sever Battalion; he is currently a cadet of the Military Academy of the General Staff in Moscow. Former Commander of the 'oil regiment' Sharip Delimkhanov was appointed head of the National Guard units in Chechnya by Kadyrov in October 2016. Another Delimkhanovs brother Amkhat works in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



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