Family of Traffic Police inspector knocked down by high-ranked official received $103.300 and two-bedroom flat 

Family of Traffic Police inspector knocked down by high-ranked official received $103.300 and two-bedroom flat
Sergey Grachev

Traffic Police officer Sergey Grachev died in the evening of September 25 on Novy Arbat. At high speed on the dividing strip, he was hit by a Mercedes with AMR license plates assigned to the FSB. The Senior Lieutenant of the police had a wife and two children.⁠

Relatives of Sergey Grachev, an inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate who died on Novy Arbat, received compensation from two law enforcement agencies - the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service. The Ministry of Internal Affairs paid the family of Grachev 2 million rubles ($34.400), and the FSB, whose employee knocked down the inspector, paid 4 million ($68.800).

As reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets, in addition, they received a three-room apartment in a new building. According to the edition, before the tragedy, the family of Grachev lived in a two-room apartment of the parents of Grachev's widow Catherine. In total, 8 people lived there, including Ekaterina's sister with a child.

It is also known that a pension is granted to the widow (before the majority age of children) - the dead inspector left two boys aged 5 and 1.5. Grachev's parents are also entitled to a lifetime survivor's pension. According to them, payments are already being made.

Recall that the tragic incident occurred on Novy Arbat on September 25. 32-year-old Sergey Grachev was knocked down by Mercedes Benz with AMR license plates, as it turned out later, registered on the FSB. At the wheel of rushing along the dividing strip car was an ensign of the FSB.

The car did not try to slow down. The inspector of the 2nd special regiment of the Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow died on the spot. After the accident, the driver of the Mercedes, according to witnesses, changed his car license plates. Currently, the Military Prosecutor's Office is in charge of the investigation of the case. Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev assured that the investigation would be objective, without bias and the desire to diminish someone's guilt.

Video: the moment of the accident on Novy Arbat



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