Family of judge killed in Dagestan received $317.250-compensation

Family of judge killed in Dagestan received $317.250-compensation
Ubaidulla Magomedov

Unknown people shot him with assault rifles in 2016.

The family of Ubaidulla Magomedov, a judge of the Shamilsky District Court of Dagestan, who was killed in 2016, received a multi-million insurance compensation in the amount of 18 million and 642 thousand rubles ($317.250). The payment was made within the framework of the state contract for life and health insurance of judges of federal courts of general jurisdiction, federal arbitration courts and magistrates, including those who are resigning.

Recall, 60-year-old Ubaidullah Magomedov was shot dead on August 10, 2016 in the village of Assab. Unknown criminals got into the territory of his private house late at night and opened fire with assault rifles. Magomedov perished from the wounds received. The deceased judge had a wife and two sons.

On the fact of the crime, a criminal case was initiated under Article 295 (Encroachment on the Life of Official) and part 1 of Article 222 (Illegal Arms Trafficking) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The prosecution assumes that the murder was committed due to the professional activities of the judge. Magomedov worked as a federal judge since 2004, but never reported any threats to him. The number of cases that the deceased considered included criminal cases on extremism and terrorism.

The insurance company transferred a large payment to the Magomedov family after receiving documents on the accident insured.

Life and health insurance for judges of different instances is a common practice for the Court Department at the Supreme Court. In 2017, for insurance of 45.672 judges, according to the results of the open tender, 52 million rubles ($891.700) were spent with the initial price of the state contract nearly 62 million rubles.



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