Family of businesspeople shot in their own house near Belgorod

Family of businesspeople shot in their own house near Belgorod

The 55-year-old spouses Shevchenko and their 29-year-old son were engaged in construction business and trade in jewelry. In addition to the criminal redistribution of business, the investigation does not rule out robbery.

According to the IC Investigations Directorate in the region, bodies of three people with gunshot wounds were found in the district center of Valuyki, Belgorod region, the previous evening.

August 18, businessman Shevchenko, his wife, and daughter were found dead in their own house. The bodies of those killed were found after a resident of Valuyki told the police that her friends’ family did not get in touch and did not show up at work.

As reported by the Belgorod media, the Shevchenko family used to own several stores of building materials and household goods and sell jewelry.

It is also reported that the siloviki consider robbery as a likely motive of the incident, however, according to, citing sources in the operative circles, the cause of the triple murder could have been the criminal redistribution of property. A murder with the purpose of robbery is also not excluded.

The ICR Investigations Directorate in the Belgorod region has initiated a criminal case under item a part 2 of Art.105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder of two or more persons).

Spokesperson of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the region Elena Kozyreva told RIA Novosti that the investigation currently does not have a priority version of the motives for this murder. Neighbors and colleagues of victims are being questioned, bodies of the victims have been sent for forensic medical examination. Apart from this, 17 more examinations have been appointed. Traces of the crime have been found on the scene, including those from a firearm.

It should be noted that a year ago, June 15, 2016, a family couple also engaged in business was murdered in Logachevka, Valuysky district.



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