Fake News? Interior Ministry added drug lab charges to Meduza reporter 

Fake News? Interior Ministry added drug lab charges to Meduza reporter
The only photo related to the journalist’s detention Photo: Interior Ministry

The Department explained that operational shooting from the Moscow region got into the report.

The capital's Interior Ministry confirmed that only one of the photos posted on its official website in the case file against journalist Ivan Golunov was actually taken in his apartment.

"We consider it necessary to specify that the photo attached below was taken during the raid of the detainee's home," the press service explained.

The rest of the photos posted on the official website today were taken as part of operational activities and investigative actions to suppress the activities of a group of persons involved in the sale of drugs in the Moscow region. The Interior Ministry stressed that the investigators were checking if Golunov was associated with this group.

Translation of the press release on the reporter’s detention:

Official information

Today, on June 06, at 11:28 am, during search actions by the department of drug control of Internal Affairs Department for the Western Administrative District on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, a man residing in Moscow, 36, was detained and personal inspection revealed 5 bundles of powdery substance on him. A subsequent search at the detainee’s apartment uncovered three packages and a bundle of a powdered substance, as well as scales. According to the expert, what was seized during the search is a drug called methylephedrine, weighing about 4 grams.

A criminal case was initiated against the man into an offence under Art. 30 and 228.1 of the Criminal Code. He is detained under Art. 91 of the CPC of the Russian Federation. Reports of some media outlets that the journalist detained on suspicion of attempted drug sale was beaten during detention aren't true. He is currently being questioned in the presence of his lawyer.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.


Earlier, the journalist’s relatives said that the photos of drug laboratories and substances posted on the website of the department had clearly not been taken in Golunov’s apartment. 

As The CrimeRussia said earlier, a Meduza reporter was detained last Wednesday, June 6, but it had not been reported until today. The Meduza correspondent is suspected of attempting to sell a lot of drugs. According to the journalist, the drugs had been planted, and the policemen beat him up during the arrest. Golunov also complained that no one had bothered to check his hands and nails for drug traces, which could have proven that he had not touched the drugs. 

The police officers deny that they had beaten the journalist. The Interior Ministry also claims that his lawyer was allowed in. In addition, Moscow police began an official investigation over the publication of photos in the Golunov’s case. Employees of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, who posted "the wrong photos" on the website are being questioned. 

"Shouldn’t we hold the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow accountable for fake news under the law? It’s clearly of public importance, and it is the spread of false messages passed for reliable information" people on the Internet keep saying. 

The Russian branch of Transparency International has responded to Ivan Golunov’s detention, calling his prosecution unacceptable.




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