Fake general tries to sell distillery director post in Bashkiria for $34.600

Fake general tries to sell distillery director post in Bashkiria for $34.600

The swindler offered to pull the strings and get an elite position for the buyer while having no say in the matter.

The Office of the Russian Investigative Committee in Bashkortostan has completed the investigation of the criminal case under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling) against Razit Gafurov, 46, and two of his acquaintances. According to the investigation, in May 2017 Gafurov tried to sell the post of Belobeevsky distillery Bashspirt director for 2 million rubles ($34.600), although he had no say in the employment matter.

Gafurov sold the fictional position relying on the following scheme: he introduced himself as a general of law enforcement agencies and offered to negotiate with high-ranking officials and propose the buyer as the new plant manager. The acquaintances of the accused had to find people who wanted to buy the position.

In the spring of 2017 the quasi-general's assistants found a potential buyer. However, by the time the prearranged meeting for handing 1 million rubles took place, the buyer had already turned to law enforcement agencies. On May 25, 2017, a mediator handed Gafurov the money, after which FSB and the MIA detained him together with his accomplices.

During the search, police confiscated uniforms with shoulder straps of lieutenant colonel and major general, fake decorations and certificates of various agencies, including law enforcement bodies. The investigation revealed another offense involving Gafurov: in April 2017 he took 200.000 rubles from former employees of a security agency promising they would get their jobs back. There was no way Gafurov could help them, either.

The Prosecutor's Office has already approved the indictment against the fake general and his accomplices. After the accused persons get the copies of the indictment, the lawsuit will be filed with the court for examination on the merits.



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