Fake deputy cheated businessmen in Volga region

Fake deputy cheated businessmen in Volga region

A fake rainmaker would offer his assistance in solving various issues with local authorities and law enforcement bodies.

Thus, 28-year-old swindler has embezzled over 400 thousand rubles from his victims.

As reported by the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, the enterprising man would meet with heads of local organizations as well as citizens entitled to state support, and posed either as a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region, or a law enforcement officer.

The swindler would offer to solve problems and issues in exchange for money. As a result, the fake Deputy has received over 400 thousand rubles from those, who had taken his words at face value.

As noted by the MIA press-service, the suspect has criminal record for swindling.

A criminal case has been initiated against him. The man faces a prison sentence of up to five years. 

Investigative bodies believe there might be more cheatees than it is indicated in the criminal case at the moment, so they have published swindler's photo to find his possible victims.



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