Extra buzz: rap and non-license drift 

Extra buzz: rap and non-license drift

Samoel Danelyan posted an Instagram video of his showing off before friends.⁠

Musician Samoel Danelyan arranged a drift in the parking lot near the Aquarium Hotel in Crocus Expo. And on one of the streets of Moscow, he speeded up to 180 kph on his Maybach, fouling the dividing line.

The rapper posted the video with traffic rules violations on his page in Instagram, saying that he drifted and raced through the night capital to impress his friends. On the video, the girl's voice is heard; she encourages the driver with cheers.


It is noteworthy that on video after drift the driver confesses that he has no driving license.

"I live it up as much as I can. Sometimes, when you need to write a song, you need a drive, adrenaline," the young man commented on the race.

The Moscow police have already reported that they are studying the video posted on the Internet.

Note that rapper Samoel may be known for the song Raspberry Dreams with such lines: "Raspberry dreams with a drop of tears, she will leave the club in the embrace of the star." In total there are about five compositions of doubtful artistic value in the discography of the musician.

Video: Samoel the Rapper's drift



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