Explosion in Moscow metro: passenger wounded with freon tank

Explosion in Moscow metro: passenger wounded with freon tank

The victim is preparing a legal claim.

A freon tank exploded right in the subway car in the backpack of an engineer, who carried the dangerous storage tank in the subway violating the safety rules. The passengers escaped with slight shock and bruises but decided to report the man to the police anyway. 

As Moskovsky Komsomolets found out, that day 37-year-old Aleksandr (who works as an engineer in a company selling equipment for restaurants) was ordered to refill a refrigerator with freon. He carried a 0.8-liter freon tank in his backpack. The man admitted that he often transports gas cylinders in this way, and no trouble has ever occurred.

In the car, Aleksandr was sitting with the tank in his lap. At 15.45, when the train was approaching the Tekhnopark metro station of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line, there was an explosion. The backpack exploded, and the balloon flew off to the right, without hitting anyone.

“This was due to the heat in the car — it was above 30 degrees Celsius. The tank was full; I blew it off a little before I left so that it did not explode. Of course, the rules say the tank needs to be put in a different, more stable container, but I hoped that it would be alright,” the engineer said. 

According to him, there were no wounded; at least, none of the car passengers applied for medical assistance. The engineer explained himself to the police and was on his way.

Meanwhile, some people were affected by this incident — 30-year-old Maksim, a lawyer, was hit on the left hand. He was sitting next to the engineer. After the incident, Maksim was in a state of shock, so he did not realize what had happened and went on to work. Then he noticed that his left forearm was aching, and there was a bruise of 4 cm in diameter on it. After work, the man recorded his injury in the trauma center and wrote a statement to the police. 

“This man did not even apologize to us! He didn’t ask whether we were OK. He was more worried about the ripped backpack; he was collecting his pieces. Good thing there were few passengers in the car. And what if the tank had hit someone on the head?!” the passenger was resentful.

He is going to prepare a legal claim. Meanwhile, the engineer believes that he is being slandered.

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