Experts tell where cashier Khairullina could have escaped with stolen millions

Experts tell where cashier Khairullina could have escaped with stolen millions
Luiza Khairullina Photo: MIA

Criminologists do not exclude that Khairullina could have forged a passport.

In the city of Salavat of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the investigation of a daring bank robbery is continuing. On May 27, cashier Luiza Khairullina managed to steal 23 million rubles ($350,000) from the premises of Russian Agricultural Bank and escape unnoticed. At the same time, the woman disappeared from Salavat with her husband, sister and two daughters of 8 and 11 years old. MK has talked to the criminologists and investigators about where the cashier could go.

Experts said that Khairullina prepared the crime in the style of the Hollywood cinema Khairullina in advance, carefully considering all possible scenarios. Most likely, the investigator of the criminal investigation, the source of the media suggested, the family went to Kazakhstan, from Salavat to the border with this country it is only 500 kilometers. The road takes about six hours. By this time, the police did not have time to announce the attacker wanted; this requires that the MIA officer send the information to the investigator, who made the decision necessary for the suspect to be on the federal wanted list. In addition, the official status of the suspect or the accused is necessary, and the criminal case was brought against the criminal only on May 30, 3 days after her disappearance. Also, experts do not exclude that Khairullina could cross the border with a fake passport.

Experts suggested that the cashier could hire a private plane to transport money, since she could not get through the control at the airport with such a large amount of money due to thorough check.

Recall that on May 27, Khairullina pulled out 9 million rubles ($137,000), $140,900 and €101,315 from the bank’s cash office. According to one of her colleagues, this money could fit in a regular bag. There was no security in the bank, the cashiers used the panic buttons. Families of the Khairullin family were characterized exclusively from the positive side. The spouse of the suspect has long dreamed of building his own house for the family. Several years ago, Khairullin acquired a land plot, after which he invested a lot in building a house.

At the same time there were credits for Khairullin, which he could not repay. According to MK, in the database of bailiffs there is information about four enforcement proceedings related to its payments – at 23 ($350), 29 ($440), 45 ($690) and 854 thousand rubles ($13,000). In addition, he had a mortgage in his name.



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