Experts found marijuana traces in Grozny's Memorial office

Experts found marijuana traces in Grozny's Memorial office
Oyub Titiev

The lawyer of the Memorial Chechen branch head said that two joints had been found in the office.

An expert from the Chechnya Interior Ministry came to the conclusion that two cigarettes that were seized on a balcony of the Grozny office of the Memorial human rights center contained marijuana, lawyer Pyotr Zaikin told Mediazona.

According to the lawyer, this became known two weeks ago. Zaikin also said that the joints were found undamaged, despite the fact that the balcony was open and it was raining and snowing a few days before the search.

Earlier it was reported that on January 19, police searched the Grozny office of Memorial as part of an investigation into the Drug Possession case (part 2 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code), within which head of the department Oyub Titiev was arrested.

Human rights activists said that during the investigative actions on the balcony they seized an energy drink can containing the ash and two cigarette stubs, which were lacking in the room earlier.

Memorial expressed serious concerns about the source of the seized items, as, according to human rights activists, no one smokes in the office, and journalists who came there threw cigarette stubs in paper bags.

Titiev was detained in Chechnya on 9 January. According to investigators, a bag of marijuana was found in his car. Two days later the Shali City Court sent the human rights defender to prison for two months. Titiev stated in court that police officers had planted drugs in his car, they detained him twice.

In the middle of January, unidentified persons in masks set the Memorial office in Ingushetia on fire, a few days later in Makhachkala a car in which the lawyer traveled to Chechnya was burned. Aslan Telhigov, one of the lawyers of Grozny's Memorial, was forced to leave the region and quit the case because of pressure.



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