Expert gave assessment of counter-terrorist operation in Tyumen 

Expert gave assessment of counter-terrorist operation in Tyumen

FSB "made a lot of noise," said the expert.

Vice-President of the Association of Veterans of the Special Services "Berkut" Valery Malevanny gave his assessment of the counter-terrorist operation in Tyumen. He believes that the secret services at the last moment learned about the impending terrorist attack. He came to this conclusion due to the fact that the operation itself took place with a “big noise”.

Malevanny is confident that after the defeat of the Islamic state* in Syria, jihadists went to Europe and Russia. On the territory of our country, the dormant parts of terrorist group, also called “moles,” got active.

Now the FSB is actively eliminating them. But usually these operations are quiet. In Tyumen, the local residents were struck by the amount of equipment and security forces on the street.

“The quieter Chekists work, the higher the quality and professionalism of their work is,” the expert believes.

The press service of the FSB Directorate has not yet given its comment.

On the night to April 13, police cars, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles filled one of the streets of the city. Siloviki liquidated two terrorists who were preparing an explosion in the city.

*Organization prohibited in Russia

Video: Spetsnaz FSB conducted an operation in Tyumen: ISIS militants who prepared terrorist attack were liquidated



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