Expert examination shows Zimnyaya Vishnya burned down because of leak

Expert examination shows Zimnyaya Vishnya burned down because of leak
Fire in the Kemerovo mall Zimnyaya Vishnya

The closure, experts believe, could have been caused by leaks in the roof.

Specialists of the Fire Examination Center of the St. Petersburg State University under the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the course of a fire and technical expertise determined the cause of the fire which killed 64 people in the Kemerovo shopping and entertainment center Zimnyaya Vishnya. According to Kommersant’s source, the closure caused by the leak in the roof of the mall resulted in the tragedy.

Automatic circuit breakers, which are used to protect against short circuits and current overload, leading to overheating of wiring and subsequent fire, this time for some reason did not work.

As the source said, according to preliminary expert data, the fire in the mall on March 25 this year was due to a short circuit in the wiring laid on the fourth floor of the center, above the children's play area.

Closure, experts believe, could have been caused by leaks in the roof. Snow from the roof was not removed, it began to melt, and the water hit the wires causing the closure.

The first thing to catch fire was the plastic ceiling, located above a children's dry pool with foam cubes. They, in turn, were ignited by the burning plastic, dripping from above. The combustion could have been of a local nature, but it was quickly inflated by ventilation, which nobody turned off at the time of the fire. The alarm was triggered by temperature and smoke, but the burning zone was not flooded – after frost, the frozen water pipe to the system which was installed from the outside was blocked.

Signaling sensors also worked in vain – the fire alarm notification in the building was switched on not automatically, but manually, and the guard responsible for that for some reason did not activate it.

A few minutes were enough to fill the entire floor with smoke. Just at this time in one of the cinemas located on the fourth floor a movie has ended. Coming out of it, people faced a wall of smoke, beyond which there was already fire. According to preliminary data, some viewers decided to break through the smoke, but did not go further than the emergency exit doors, which were blocked. The rest died in the cinema hall. Later, the Investigative Committee accused the chief of the fire department, Sergey Genin, who did not believe the eyewitnesses reporting about the people cut off by smoke and fire, in the death of 37 people in the cinema,.

The source of the newspaper reported that automatic switches were installed on the line where the closure occurred, which are used to protect against such emergency situations, but for some reason, they did not work.

It is to be recalled that initially there were two versions of the causes of the fire, in which 64 people, including 41 children, died. According to one of them, which was the main one according to the IC chairman of Aleksander Bastrykin, who reported on the results of the investigation to President Vladimir Putin, the emergency occurred precisely because of the closure. The second version, about arson (it was insisted by the manager of the mall, Nadezhda Suddenok), believes the IC, was most likely put forward to protect the accused in non-compliance with fire safety requirements.

Official comments on the findings of the experts have not yet been published.



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