Ex-SWAT and MMA fighter got 22 years in prisom for cruel murder 

Ex-SWAT and MMA fighter got 22 years in prisom for cruel murder
Serik Battalov

The court found that the murder was committed by Serik Battalov and his accomplice Vasily Yelantsev on the basis of lucrative impulse. The owner of the SUV was strangled, and the body was burned.

The Omsk Regional Court sentenced 29-year-old MMA fighter Serik Battalov, accused of Murder (part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code) and Armed Robbery (part 4 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code), Kommersant reports.

The jury unanimously recognized the MMA fighter guilty and not deserving of indulgence, having sentenced him to 22 years of a colony of strict regime.

According to investigators, on March 17, 2017, former OMON officer Battalov, who had previously served at the flash points, together with his accomplice, private security company employee Vasily Yelantsev, kidnapped and killed his owner, former policeman Alexander Ratkevich, to take possession of Lexus GX460 SUV which was put up for sale.

Under the guise of a test drive before buying a car, the attackers got into Ratkevich's car, drove off to a solitary place where they killed their victim. Ratkevich's body was taken to one of the forests of the Novosibirsk region, burned, and the remains buried. Battalov and Yelantsev, stolen the SUV, tried to sell it through their friend.


41-year-old Alexander Ratkevich

The crime was solved without delay. An occasional witness of the beating, who remembered the number of the car and reported the incident to the security of the hypermarket, near which Ratkevich was beaten. He, in turn, called the police. Already on March 20, operatives detained a familiar of the intruders who was traveling on a stolen Lexus, who named the people committed the crime.


Friend of Batallov and the stolen car

It is worth noting that Battalov was alone in the dock, without an accomplice. After the detention of the MMA fighter, the body of Vasily Yelantsev was found in his car in the territory of a horticultural partnership in Omsk. Like Ratkevich, he was strangled. At first the investigation did not exclude the version of the murder, however, the forensic examination concluded that Yelantsev had committed suicide.

Battalov, who first gave detailed testimony about the circumstances of the murder, after the death of the accomplice refused to testify, blaming Yelantsev. However, despite this, as well as the existence of state awards for military operations in the North Caucasus and positive characteristics, the jury found the defendant guilty and not deserving indulgence.

In addition to the 22 years in colony of strict regime, the athlete must pay 1 million rubles ($17.000) in compensation to the widow and mother of the Lexus owner.

According to Antenna 7, Serik Battalov is a master of sports in army hand-to-hand fighting, in sports circles he is known under the nickname Yakuza. Also Battalov is a master of sports in boxing, a candidate for master of sports in kickboxing, a winner of all-Russian and international tournaments in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), a member of the board of trustees of the Fund for Support and Development of Martial Arts and Martial Arts of the brothers Shemetov. Moreover, it is known that Battalov conducted training in martial arts in children and was a judge in kung fu.



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