Ex-State Duma deputy’s son, his girlfriend jump off 14-floor building roof, handcuffed to each other 

Ex-State Duma deputy’s son, his girlfriend jump off 14-floor building roof, handcuffed to each other
Maksim and Roman Shingarkin

The tragedy occurred on the morning of August 18 in Balashikha. The 19-year-old son of the former Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) deputy Maksim Shingarkin Roman and his girlfriend, whose name is not reported, committed suicide as a result of a fall from a great height

On the morning of August 18 in the city district of Balashikha at 8 Moskovskaya Street, Zheleznodorozhny, a girl and a young man died after falling from the roof of an apartment block, the press service of the Main Directorate of the MIA for the Moscow region reported.

According to the Telegram-channel 112, the victims were handcuffed to each other. It is reported that one of them was 19-year-old Roman Shingarkin, son of the former State Duma deputy Maksim Shingarkin.

Picture from the scene of the tragedy

Maksim Shingarkin is a former member of the LDPR, one of the authors of the law on foreign agents. His son Roman had already come to the media's attention when he climbed on a lamp post together with a friend during an unauthorized rally against corruption on Pushkin Square on March 26. Later, on April 2 of the same year, he was detained together with six other protesters near the Manezhnaya Square.


An hour before the suicide, Roman Shingarkin left on his VKontakte page an unfinished farewell note explaining his deed and a link to the page of the girl of the same age, who died with him (who used a male name as a nickname in the social network), where her farewell letter is also posted. At the same time this morning, young people updated the main photos on their pages, uploading this picture:


In his farewell letter, Roman Shingarkin, asked not to blame anyone for his death.

Further is an extract from the letter – spelling and stylistics are saved: 

"Now the block for the police, psychologists and other people who decide to dig around where no one expects you, you won't really understand, will accuse someone and God forbid, you will bring problems to others. I HATE you, it's generally disgusting that I have to turn to you.

THIS IS NOT THE BLUE WHALE. DELFIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, we just decided to have some fun before the end, AND OTHER MUSICIANS DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT. THE GIRL ALSO DID ONLY GOOD TO ME, AND I TO HER. BRUISES ARE HICKEYS/KISSES, NOBODY HAS HIT ME. MY PARENTS ARE NOT GUILTY. NOR ARE HERS. What else? ¿This is not Navalny; not the route of the party (no matter how much I liked it, but it's not that); not satanists; not a taxi driver, not the management company forgot to close the roof, I opened it myself; not any public pages on VKontakte and not VKontakte.

If you're reading this, then I'm already dead. I hope that I'm dead. No one should be punished, only we are to blame. We ourselves are judges. Just a sad man turned out of me."

The messages of both victims end with a quote from the song of Alexander Bashlachev and the same playlists with the songs of Russian rock bands.

quote from lyrics

It is reported that the police conducts a check on the fact of the incident.



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