Ex-policeman rams building of Kazan airport with car, losses caused equal 6 million rubles

Ex-policeman rams building of Kazan airport with car, losses caused equal 6 million rubles

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the driver was under the influence of drugs and refused to undergo a medical examination.⁠

The driver of VAZ-2115, trying to escape from the pursuit of police, rammed the Kazan airport terminal. Law enforcers chased him more than 20 km from the city center, but he was still able to freely enter the building of the airport, Vechernyaya Kazan newspaper reported.

The incident took place on December 22 at about 22:00 local time. VAZ-2115 drove into the terminal 1A through the glass facade of the building from the direction of the parking lot. In the terminal, the car knocked down the rack and damaged communication. Fortunately, none of the visitors was injured in the accident. All the while, the policemen were waving their arms in an attempt to catch up on the automobile.

Having circled around the terminal, the driver left the airport, breaking the glass in the other part of the building's facade. Law enforcers managed to detain him only when he hit a post with the stop sign in the parking lot.

As it turned out, the driver was 40-year-old Ruslan Nurtdinov, a former employee of the MIA, namely, the investigator of the Borovetsky Department of Internal Affairs in Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently, Nurtdinov is a co-owner of the detective agency there.

At the moment of detention, it was obvious that the driver who rammed the terminal was intoxicated, but he refused to proceed to examination. According to prosecutors, the driver was under the influence of drugs — during the inspection they seized a bag found in his car, which contained a bundle of green substance weighing about 5 grams.

The republican management of the Traffic Police refused to comment why the reckless driver had been able to enter the terminal building so easily. Head of the press service of the Volga-Vyatka Internal Affairs Directorate for transport Svetlana Yapisova reported that security measures in the form of barriers and fences were to be provided by the building’s owner.

"The airport is under police protection, and we have a unit located in the terminal building. But the police are there only to keep order," Yapisova explained.

Meanwhile, the Privolzhsky Transport Prosecutor's Office opened two criminal cases against Nurtdinov under Art. 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence Not Dangerous to Life or Health, or the Threat of Violence Against a Representative of Authority in connection with the performance of his duties) and Art. 167 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Destruction or Damage of Property). Prosecutors have estimated that the damage caused is more than 6 million rubles.

For now, the reckless driver has been detained for 15 days for possession of drugs.



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