Ex-policeman convicted of bribery escapes from courthouse

Ex-policeman convicted of bribery escapes from courthouse
The convoy was late, and the ex-policeman convicted of bribes left the building of the Bryansk court unhindered

In Bryansk region, the convict escaped from the courthouse under ridiculous circumstances: the convoy who was to escort him to prison was late, and the man left the palace of justice without hindrance.⁠

As it became known, in Bryansk region the ex-policeman convicted for 5.5 years for bribery was able to leave the court without hindrance, because the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN) officers were not sent for him.

A paradoxical escape occurred at the courthouse in the town of Selco: ex-precinct Levan Khutsishvili, convicted of bribes, freely left it, as there was no one to escort him to prison. Meanwhile, the same policeman was recognized as the best precinct officer in the region in 2013, and local officials of the Mayor's Office still speak of him with warmth. At the same time, Khutsishvili did not shun bribes. As the FSB officers found out, since April 2011, he received money in the form of knock-off alcohol every month. In total, the policeman received about 100 thousand rubles ($1.700) for 'covering up' illegal business.

The court issued him a guilty verdict in the form of imprisonment for a term of 5.5 years. However, the handcuffs were not put on him, because there was no escort on the spot, and the man calmly left the courthouse.

According to Head of the Bailiff Service Alexander Kanishchev, the sentence was taken to the ex-policeman, and the officers of the FSIN "who were supposed to arrive in the courtroom were either not called or delayed."

He also noted that he did not know if anybody from the court filed an application for the presence of escorts in the building.

"There was also a bailiff in the courtroom, but his job is not to escort convicts, he is only required to monitor the order in court," Kanishchev added.

The representative of the regional court Galina Kubekina noted that she was not aware of this incident.



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