Ex-policeman and accomplices prosecuted for murder of Bryansk businessman

Ex-policeman and accomplices prosecuted for murder of Bryansk businessman
The house where the crime was committed

The killers murdered the entrepreneur for the purpose of making money. The accused men took money and valuables worth 18 million rubles ($300.000) from the victim's house.

A former Bryansk policeman and two of his accomplices will be brought to trial on charges of murdering Gennady Amintazayev, a 50-year-old businessman, a co-owner of Desnyanskiy Pishchekombinat LLC.

According to investigators, in January 2016, Vitaly Shpuntov, an employee of the Department for Countering Extremism of the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, along with the two co-defendants, R. Gripekin and A. Ivanezhenkov, decided to break into a house of an entrepreneur. They had been planning the crime for months: watching the house, studying the daily routine of each person living there, using cell phones and SIM cards they had registered in someone else’s name.

The men started the operation on April 7. They came to Amintazayev's house on Bezhitskaya Street in Bryansk and persuaded the businessman to open the door. After that, they attacked the owner of the house and forced him to give them his valuables from the safe. The criminals stole money, jewelry and gold watches. Subsequently, the investigators estimated the total damage at 17.8 million rubles ($300.000). The burglars then decided to get rid of the businessman and strangled him.

To get away with the crime, the robbers got rid of an intercom with an integrated photo and video camera. Already in the fall of 2016, law enforcement officers managed to trace the criminals and detain them.

The prosecutor's office of the Bryansk region charged the defendants under three articles: part 4 of Art. 162 (Armed Robbery), part 2 of Art. 105 (Murder) and part 1 of Art. 167 (Willful Destruction or Damage of Property). The criminal case was sent to the Bryansk Regional Court.



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